Jason Sean Asher

RYA Founder & Facilitator.
34 years old.
Lives in Portland OR.
Graduated from SOU with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education. Minor in Philosophy with an emphasis in Outdoor Leadership Education.
Been involved in Challenge Course work for 13 years and has a passion for facilitating shared experiences that create growth and bond between people. Notices a lot of disconnect in the world and has a drive to get people connected through experiential education, philosophy, ministry, and/or whatever it takes for people to engage in healthy ways.

I give and receive love and support best through: 
Words of affirmation and contact.

I feel most supported by others when:
They assume the best and have faith in me.  They consistently let me know what is working well and give words of encouragement.  When they realize and respect how detailed I am about everything I do even though I joke and laugh while I am working.

I work best with others when:
We are having fun.  We work hard and play hard.  We look at what we are doing with the glass half full.  People are what is most important.  We spend our time talking about solutions to problems.  We take responsibility and action to get the problems solved and taken care of even if we did not cause them.  We don't say the "should" we are the "should."

I get stressed when:
Things get more complicated than they need to be.  I can not have fun while I am working really hard.  People are upset.  When I can't have fun and laugh while I get the job done.

I am best able to resolve conflict when:
I can sit down and talk about the conflict face to face in a relaxed environment.  Over coffee or something like that.

I love:
My family.  My home.  To be creative.  To teach throung words and action.  To solve problems.  To work smarter not harder.  To be industrious.  To boost the moral of a group.  Discovering people behind all the walls and false identities they may put up to block the incredibly scary beautiful person they really are! 

I learn best when:
I'm in a informal small group discussion.  I watch somebody else do it first and then I do it.  It's an experience where my entire mind body and soul are involved all at once.  I can externally process with someone who knows I am just thinking out load in order to get to the answer.

My energy tank is filled best when:
I am with others having a good laugh in a relaxed space.

I am best motivated to give my 100% when:
Multiple people will be let down if I don't step up to the plate.  I can serve others by creating a safe place for them to open up and be themselves.  I am consistently around people.  I am serving as a host to one or more people.  I am on the spot to solve a problem.

I currently struggle with:
Fear and timidity.  Self doubt.  Deep suffering in the world.  Trusting that we are taken care of.  People pleasing.  Confronting a conflict.  

My power word or phrase to counter my current struggle:
100% Confidence!  (2 Tim. 1:7)
Peace that passes undertstanding! (Philippians 4:7)