Ericka Carpenter

Real You Adventure Facilitator

I give and receive love and support best through: 
Gifts and quality time but receive it best through quality time and hugs and cuddles.

I feel most supported by others when:
They genuinely support me with encouragement and point out what is going well. When they see things that need to be done and just do it unless I say not to.

I work best with others when:
We are making the work fun and staying positive. If people start to be negative it brings the whole group down and I have a hard time staying positive and fun if we focus on the bad things. I lose all my drive to get the project done when it’s no longer fun and happy and people are being grumpy and rude.

I get stressed when:
People are slacking off and making me do all the work. Things get more complicated than they need to be. People are angry and upset. When it's not fun anymore then I know something is wrong.

I am best able to resolve conflict when:
I can think about it for a bit and calm down. Once I’m calm I can approach the person and tell them what’s bothering me and we can fix the issue in a nice happy manner instead of yelling and being mean. 

I love:
My friends and family. Having fun, dancing around like a weirdo, music, being with people, making others happy, nature, arts and crafts projects, animals, feeling like I’m making a difference. 

I learn best when:
I'm able to do activities that connect to the thing I’m supposed to be learning. I need to be doing something with my hands like crocheting or making a bracelet or drawing otherwise I won’t retain a word that is said. I watch somebody else do it first and then I do it. When I can discuss the topic with others and listen to what other people think not just myself and whoever is leading the lesson.

My energy tank is filled best when:
I am with people I love and who love me having fun. Hugs.

I am best motivated to give my 100% when:
People are counting on me. When it’s fun and entertaining. I know I can do it but need to try hard to do it great. When people believe I can do it.

I currently struggle with:
Fear of the future. Self doubt. Confrontation. Worry. Physical aliments.

My power word or phrase to counter my current struggle:
My power word is constantly changing depending on what I need to overcome but in the past it’s been “I can do this” “For Narnia!” I got this” “I am a strong, powerful, beautiful woman of God.”