Eric James Gettle

Real You Adventure Facilitator

I give and receive love best through:
Kind words. Heartfelt compliments. Hugs. Quality time. I sometimes like to show my love through acts of service.

I feel most supported by others when:
They tell me they have faith in me and show that they trust in me. They tell me that I have done a good job. They fully accept me.

I work best with others when:
I am challenged to think on my feet. They take what we are doing seriously. They respect me. They understand my obscure sense of humor.

I get stressed if:
I can’t meet my own overly high expectations. I don’t understand something. I worry. I feel like I am letting someone down

I am best able to resolve conflict when:
The person I am in conflict with and I can sit down and calmly work out our issues. Prayer.

I love:
Friends. Family. Interacting with nature. Camp. Playing music. Interacting with people face to face. Heart to heart talks. Being involved in something that is greater than me.

I learn best when:
I can interact with what’s being taught and then be able to apply what I’m learning to my life. I am being encouraged. What is being learned contradicts or shines a new light on something I already ‘knew’. I understand that I know nothing.

My energy tank is filled best when:
I spend time with people. I get lots of sleep. I spend time ministering to youth. I am given words of affirmation and encouragement

I am best motivated to give my 100% when:
Someone could be let down if I fail. People believe in me.

I currently struggle with:
Worrying. Self image. Fears of failure combined with self doubt.

My power word or phrase to counter my struggles is:
Hakuna Matata!