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How to Make Money Online With

HubPages is an online service that allows people to sign up for free, write about any given topic and generate income. The people that build their hubs generate income through the modules ("capsules") provided as well as from ad impressions and ad clicks from Google Adsense.

How HubPages Works

HubPages is probably the simplest form of marketing online - it's VERY easy to use, and because it upholds very high standards online (doesn't allow spammers or users who lower the quality of the site) it remains naturally a very highly ranking site in the search engines. In short, if you write about a subject there is a very good chance that the search engines will find your Hub and it may even show up on Google page 1 when someone enters a search phrase similar to your Hub title or other context in the Hub Page. This is a huge bonus for beginners, because it allows people to get a head start on making an income online without having to learn a bunch of SEO information up-front, and possibly get overwhelmed and give up on the whole thing.

Generating Income with HubPages utilizes three different sources of revenue for it's "Hubbers" (Hub Page owners). They include Google Adsense, and These are all self-contained, but the Hubber needs to sign up for all accounts separately in order to utilize these income units. I can help you out here with two of them, but you'll need to sign up for and after your HubPages account is up and running.

Here's what to do:

  • First: Click here to take a tour of HubPages and sign up for your free account.
  • Second: (If you do not already have an account - it's free also.)

Next: Sign up for an account with Paypal (if you do not already have one). You'll want to have this before signing up for your affiliate accounts. I recommend it because it's fast, simple and is free to sign up.

The next thing to do is to enter your affiliate information for AdSense into your HubPages account, then sign up for your accounts with Amazon and eBay.

To do this, go to your "Accounts" page on HubPages, under "Your Account" click on "Affiliate Settings". This will bring you to a page where you can access fields where you will enter your affiliate codes/information. There are helpful tips right there on the Affiliate settings page to do this. Lastly, sign up for the Amazon and eBay accounts by clicking the sign up link next to the corresponding fields and following the instructions on the affiliate sites. It's a pretty simple procedure, but plan to spend a bit of time on it.

That's pretty much it - you may have a wait before you hear back from Amazon and/or eBay on your accounts, but you can start "Hubbing" right away, and just as soon as you publish your first Hub, there are tips available right on HubPages to get traffic to your hub and start generating income from Adsense!

Add to Your HubPages Revenue With Affiliate Programs

You're not actually limited to what HubPages has to offer for affiliate income on You can sign up for other affiliate programs too. (You won't be able to utilize html code, but you can use simple "http://" links where available.

Here are the affiliate programs that I recommend to use for HubPages:

  • This is an especially good program for HubPages, because you can create simple links that can just be added to text in your writing capsules with the text editor available on your Hub. Clickbank has many digital products and downloads to choose from, and the commission percentages are great! The cost to sign up with Clickbank is $49.95. If you're hesitant to spend this cash, I don't blame you but I can tell you that it's my experience that it pretty quickly and easily pays for itself.

  • ShareASale is the other affiliate network that I recommend for HubPages because it has a "Create a Custom Link to a Page" feature that allows you to link to any page on one of their advertiser's sites, and you can easily create simple links by doing this. (By "simple links" I mean plain "http" links without the html code.) Signing up for ShareASale is free.

Tip: Do not place more than 1 or 2 links to the same site on one Hub Page. Doing this can get you penalized and possibly get your Hub deleted. Hub Pages has very strict rules on this, and it's actually a good thing that they do. This is one of the things that helps them keep their quality high and ranking nicely in the search engines - it's actually to your benefit. (Note: This does not apply to the Amazon and eBay capsules - you can put as many of them on the page as you want, just make sure to pay attention to the attractiveness of the page, and don't overdo.)

Setting Up HubPages For Maximum Profit

Finally I want to mention the value of knowing how to set up any web page, including a Hub on HubPages. If you have the knowledge and the tools needed to be able to create a great website or web page, you can really make your HubPages stand out in themselves, or you can learn how to make Hubs part of a big campaign that can start to bring a rather large stream of traffic to any site. To find out more about this, Visit Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University.

It's not difficult to make money with HubPages, and in fact I recommend this to anyone who is just sort of "testing the waters" to see if internet marketing is something that they would like to do. Also if you love to write, or have information of value that you believe should be shared, HubPages is a great tool to do this. Above all, have fun!!!