Welcome to the bizarre new world of

"The Real Unknown"

A subconscious observation of self

"There is an unknown creator within all of our minds, and you have the ability to either discover or become." --Austin Kasso, Author of The Real Unknown 

                 Welcome to my bizarre new world.

Here, you can read updates of my newest ideas for future stories, read already written stories, think deeply, and discover the real unknown within your minds.  

Now, I should probably give a good explanation for this "Real Unknown" world. 

"Within our mind, there is a line between imagination and reality. It is the stage where the mind has the ability to make reality what we want to believe. The line is separated into two parts. One in which it continues in the direction it started, and an area of the line where it creates a fork. It thus gives the holder of the mind the ability to either choose or become. The line begins in the realm of where we use imagination to decipher reality, and most of the time we stay that way. There is a creator of this line for every aspect of human nature. That creator is within our subconscious. The creator is the real unknown of our simple human actions. However, the line it creates subjects our conscious mind to having the ability to discover his unknown. It also gives you the ability to become the unknown creator. And the creator is unknown to itself. If every human were to discover every creator within their minds, our human nature would be destroyed. And we would become the utopia of the wise." 


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It is the greatest social and political movement of our lifetime and lifetimes to come. 

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I like questions that make me think...especially ones such as, "What makes people judge what is wise/logical and what isn't? How do people come to these realizations against their human nature?" ...

Thus, The Real Unknown was born.


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