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Plumbing is essential to life in an urban setting, to ensure the populace remains healthy. Everyone needs fresh water to drink, brought by pipes into the home. We need a way to get waste not only out of our homes, but out of our towns as well, without compromising the quality of nearby waterways. Modern plumbing services have made all of these possible.

Plumbing, in some form or another, has been around for centuries – which means mankind has had a lot of time to get it right. The ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans, and Chinese all had large cities by the standards of the time, and large cities require sewage and sanitation systems, and in turn, people well-versed in plumbing services. Back then, it was a major engineering undertaking to set up a plumbing system, and, even now, new techniques, tools and products are constantly emerging to make plumbing projects easier to complete.

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The Power of Plumbing

We all know how challenging it can be when our water utility is turned off for whatever reason. It affects cooking, laundry, personal hygiene and flush-toilet function. Even when there is no problem with the water supply, problems occur – as any householder will know – including leaks, which can often cause very expensive water damage.

The Need for Plumbing Services

There is no doubt that plumbing has evolved over the centuries, and, in the process has grown in complexity as well. Complicated systems can make life easier, but when something goes wrong, they will need expert care to be fixed.

Clogged drains may be easy enough for anyone to take care of, but when a pipe bursts and water begins to fill the kitchen, bathroom, or the apartment below, well that’s going to require the kind of care that can only be provided by getting professional plumbing help.

Banging noises in the walls or a spreading water stain from the inside are usually difficulties that need the hand of a qualified plumber. Or there could be a special problem or project, like installing a rainwater tank or grey water recycling, that will only work without a hitch when a plumbing expert has been engaged to manage the process.
Don’t Overlook the Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

The largest purchase most of us will make is buying a home, so as the biggest investment, we need to make sure we take care of it.

Regular maintenance is required to keep things looking and running in top condition. Plumbing is one thing that should be top of the list. if you overlook the simple maintenance needs of your pipes, drains and toilets, you don’t just become more vulnerable to losing on-demand hot and cold water; you also run the risk of dealing with major and expensive repairs down the road.
Whenever there is water in a place where it shouldn’t be, or whenever there isn’t any water where it should be – you should be on the phone straight away to your preferred, licensed plumber.

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Not all plumbing problems need to become emergencies! By following Fluid Plumbing’s maintenance tips in your home, business or commercial site; you can prevent unexpected plumbing issues and avoid significant repair costs.

Safeguard against future Blockages

Blocked drains are a major nuisance, they cause other problems you may not realise. Blocked pipes can surcharge inside your house causing major and expensive home damage.

Fortunately, blockages be prevented / reduced by placing sink strainers over drains in showers, basins, sinks and tubs. Remove scraps and waste from the sink – use the garbage bin or garbage disposal to handle food waste and pour all liquid grease/ fat into glass jars instead of the drain.

Find an Alternative to Chemical Drain Cleaners

If your sink is draining slower than normal, it might be tempting to purchase a chemical drain cleaner for a quick solution. However, chemical cleaners can actually cause unseen damage to your home plumbing systems, they can cause damage and staining to porcelain and stainless steel sinks.

Furthermore, they don’t entirely remove each blockage. You can create more problems without solving the original issue! Calling a plumber to clear your blocked drain using a high-pressure water jet is a safer and more efficient solution.

Don’t Ignore Leaking Taps

Leaking taps not only waste thousands of litres of water, but can also indicate a larger and potentially hidden problem. If the leaking is coming from the base of the tap, it could be causing damage to the cupboards and countertops. Fixing a leaking tap as soon as it is detected will prevent additional damage.

Maintenance and plumbing services for your home should be done by a professional who will guarantee quality and durable service. For this reason, a plumbing service warranty is absolutely important. In case of leaks or damages after service work, the company should provide a labor warranty that extends for a certain period, usually 30 days or one year for new constructions, installations and remodels. A warranty will ensure you get value for your money, as well as guarantee the best service possible at no extra cost to you.

What does a plumbing service warranty cover?

A plumbing service warranty ensures that you get the best plumbing service in the long run. Before the warranty coverage applies, a technician from the company will need to do a visual field inspection to ascertain that warranty terms are met.  Parts and fixtures that are supplied by the client are not covered by the warranty and only those that the contractor supplied are covered.

As Certified Authorized Service Providers, our company may also be able to perform warranty work on behalf of the manufacturer of some products in your home. This can save you costs and ensure long-term effectiveness. For all your plumbing needs, it is important to make an informed decision so that you don’t incur major costs that will put you back. Core Plumbing warranty is one of the ways to save money and ensure you get efficient service at no cost to you.

The important thing is to know what is covered under the warranty and what is not. 

Why is it important for you?

Different components of your plumbing system are covered by a warranty including water, gas and plumbing lines. A wide range of plumbing system components such as faucets, shower heads, sewage ejector pumps, and air switch assemblies are included in the warranty coverage. This gives you the confidence you need for a comfortable and healthy stay at your home. In the event of a malfunction or damage, our skilled plumbing professionals are just a call away.

A warranty cover ensures that you don’t spend a dime on repairs or replacements thereby saving you costs. If a plumbing problem occurs, it is important to call your orange county plumbers for inspection before it is too late or when the problem becomes more serious.

A warranty ensures quality maintenance service is offered to you which prevents big damages in the future. This provides a long-term solution to any plumbing issues that may be recurrent in your home. Whether it’s a new home or an old home, warranties can extend to all types of plumbing situations.

Our qualified plumbing professionals will come and perform a visual field inspection and recommend the best options for you. By setting a plumbing inspection schedule, you can get routine checkups as well as a maintenance list to avoid future problems. For all your plumbing needs and warranty coverage, do not hesitate to call us now for inspection.

High water pressure can be an issue in homes and can cause unseen damage to pipe work and tapware. One sign of this is a super sensitive shower hot water tap, where a micro turn can make the shower too hot or too cold. It can depend where you live, some areas have higher water pressure than others.

High water pressure can cause pinhole leaks in pipes, cause washers and tap seats to wear more quickly creating additional leaks and home damage.

Having the correct water pressure in your home will help to increase the life of taps, washers and also your Hot Water System. If you think your home may have a water pressure issue, call us today to check your pressure! Read more on https://www.generalplumbing.com/blog/

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When it’s time to go for water heater replacement, should you go with a tankless model or a traditional tank heater?

Neither option is necessarily better than the other – both types have plusses and minuses. The decision really comes down to your household needs and your personal preferences. Here, we weigh the pros and cons of choosing a tankless water heater.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Also called on-demand heaters, tankless units don’t store hot water – they quickly heat it as needed. This design offers several benefits to homeowners, including:

Unlimited supply of hot water – Everyone in the household could take hour-long, back-to-back hot showers, and the supply still won’t run out.

Reduced energy consumption – Because tankless models heat water on demand rather than continually, they’re much more efficient than traditional tank heaters.

Smaller appliance size – Instead of taking up a large amount of floor space, a tankless model can be mounted on small section of the wall.

Longer warranty – On-demand heaters typically come with a 12 to 15 year warranty, while traditional tank models are generally covered for a shorter period of time.

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Drawbacks of Tankless Water Heaters

When it comes to water heater replacement, going tankless isn’t all gravy. The disadvantages of installing a tankless model include:

Higher upfront cost – On-demand heaters are more expensive than traditional tank units, and the difficulty in installation further drives up the price.

Increased time to deliver hot water – Because tankless models heat water as it passes through, household members may be left waiting for longer.

Flow limitation – In colder climates, small on-demand heaters may provide a lower flow of hot water

Need for regular flushing – Scale and mineral buildup can make tankless models malfunction, so units must be flushed regularly to prevent an early demise.
Should You Go Tankless?

As you can see, making a decision on whether to install a traditional tank or tankless water heater requires careful consideration.

If you opt for a tankless model, you’ll pay more for water heater replacement. But, you’ll also enjoy significant energy savings every month – and with proper maintenance, the unit can remain in good working order for decades.

In contrast, a tank heater is likely to need replacement within 10 to 15 years. However, the cheaper upfront cost may outweigh the benefits of going tankless. Read more on https://griffin-plumbing.com/blog/

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Leak detection

Leak detection plays an integral role in detecting water leaks – needless to say the plumbing industry is having to step up their game as they are being faced with the responsibilities of attending to the leaks that occur in homes, industries and numerous other areas where leaks occur.

The cost of leak detection as well as the repairs carried out can easily be calculated – for singular leaks the amount that is lost over a period of time should be multiplied by the cost of that water – this will be the rand amount. Always calculate and budget for any hidden costs as well.

Because almost 30% of all water pumped through distribution systems are lost due to leaks, the benefits of leak detection cannot be stressed enough.

As territories that require water services develop and the costs of extracting and distributing water increases, water loss represents an essential factor in conserving this commodity and also needs to be factored into any budgeting.

Water lost from leaking pipes and recovered through expert leak detection technology will impact positively on any infrastructure expansion and other projects by years – literally.

It is imperative to implement a reliable leak detection programme that will impact immediately on water conservation programmes, revenue and profitability projections as well as water efficiency in general.

Benefits of leak detection and efficient repairs could also include:

Property damage is reduced and there will be a reduction in liability; furthermore there will be a positive impact on your insurance premiums.
Environmental quality is improved. 
Increased firefighting capabilities.
Elevated and efficient use of existing supplies.
Reduce risk of contamination of water.

Instead of sustaining the ongoing costs of water losses and waiting for leaks to surface – often with disastrous results, become proactive by using professional leak detectors.

State-of-the-art leak detection technology enables utilities to manage non-revenue water and avert costly pipe failures.

Maximise water supply availability by detecting emergent and pre-existing leaks immediately through the use of expert leak detectors.

Gas Systems and Piping Services

Servicing San Diego, CA area

If your home or business operates on gas, Core Plumbing can help you keep everything functional. We can also help you maximize efficiency of your gas water heaters, boilers and other appliances. Our experienced professionals show up at your door on time, with a courteous attitude and all the expertise needed to safely work with your liquid petroleum (LP) and natural gas piping systems.

Our professionals are available for appointments during regular business hours, but our emergency services are available around the clock. You can trust on our service technicians to show up at your home or business any time of the day or night, and that includes on weekends and major holidays. If your gas pipes spring a leak on Christmas day or your gas oven stops working with the Thanksgiving turkey half baked, our professionals are always available to assist you.

Inspections and Maintenance Services

You need to maintain your gas appliances, heaters and boilers over time in order to get the most out of every system. From testing for leaks to replacing parts and making small repairs that would otherwise lead to big problems, you can count on our professionals to look over your gas systems and piping with an eye for safety and improvement.

If you have a gas water heater or boiler in your home or commercial building, our professionals can keep it running efficiently so that it lasts longer. This can extend the life of your system so that you save money over the years. Our professionals can also service all of your gas appliances to ensure they operate safely.

Installations and Conversions

When you need a new water heater, boiler or other appliance, you may decide to go with a gas unit. This requires a conversion from electricity to gas systems. Our professionals have years of experience handling these conversions, including installing gas piping as needed for a new gas appliance installation. If you want to make sure the job is done right and leaks are avoided for the safety of your family or employees, you can trust our experts.

Got a Leak?

Our professionals have the equipment and expertise needed to test for potential gas leaks on your property. If you already know that there is a leak, we have the equipment and knowledge to identify the leak and correct the problem quickly. Our professionals will thoroughly examine the condition of your gas systems and determine what is needed to repair all leaks as well as other problems.

Since we also specialize in maintenance and preventative procedures for all types of gas appliances, boilers and water heaters, you can guarantee that our professionals will pick up on any other problems that you may have with your gas systems. We can go from fixing a leak to helping you prevent a larger problem that could cost you in the future.

There are many advantages to using gas appliances, but you have to invest in the integrity of your systems. This starts with dedicated maintenance procedures and ends with trustworthy, responsive emergency services. Read more on https://www.mwilsonplumbing.co.uk/blog

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When to Replace a Sewer Line

If persistent drain issues are occurring in your home, there may be a bigger sewer pipe problem hiding underground.

Sometimes it’s possible to fix a clog or other sewer line issue with simple drain cleaning and maintenance that the homeowner can have serviced, but there comes a point when these methods won’t solve the problem. At that point, sewer lines and sewer laterals will need to be repaired or replaced by professionals.

How can you tell it’s time to replace your home’s old sewer line or sewer lateral with a new pipe?

These are the “red flags” you, as a homeowner, should keep in mind when considering a sewer lateral replacement.

When to Replace a Sewer Line: Red Flags

Old age

Sewage pipes tend to fail more frequently in old age. If you’re not sure how old your pipes are, consider the age of your home. A house built 50+ years ago is more likely to need sewer line replacement.

Long-term problems

Similarly, if plumbing issues have been present for many months or years, there will often have been enough damage to require a sewer line replacement. On the flip side, if you have relatively young pipes and your issues have not been occurring for too long, it may be possible to simply unclog the pipe and then keep it healthy with regular maintenance.

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Water fixture malfunction

If water is backing up in sinks or toilets, or there’s water pooling in your basement drains, this is often a sign of a main line clog. Take special notice if water from one fixture is backing up somewhere else (for instance, your sink or toilet water is backing up in your tub or shower) on the same floor level.

Persistent clogs

Overflowing toilets and clogged sink drains are almost always caused by blockages from common products like paper towels, toilet paper, or feminine hygiene products. But if clogs keep happening even though you haven’t been flushing the wrong things down the drain, this may be a sign of bigger problems in your sewer lines.

Big trees

Roots are a leading cause of pipe damage. If there are big, old trees on your property—or even just next to your property—there may be huge root systems encroaching on your sewage system. Like an iceberg, a trees’ roots can often extend far beyond the reach of the branches visible aboveground.

Strange sounds

When your plumbing is engaged, do you ever hear bubbly, gurgling sounds similar to what you hear when a drip coffee pot runs out of water or see air bubbles in the toilet bowl during a flush? This is a warning of a clog in your sewer lines.

What Do You Need to Do Before Replacing Sewer Lines?

If you’re seeing any of the red flags above, we highly recommend using a sewer camera inspection service in order to confirm what’s really going on in your sewer lateral.

Professionals are best able to diagnose your pipe’s problem when they can actually see what’s going on using a sewer inspection camera. A sewer camera inspection reveals the true conditions of the pipe and identifies the location of failures, allowing your replacement team to fix your drain issues more efficiently.

This saves everyone time and money – and our team at Pipe Spy will even credit the cost of your sewer camera inspection toward a sewer lateral replacement.

What Are Your Sewer Line Replacement Options?

Pipe Spy sewer lateral replacement in progressIf a sewer camera inspection has confirmed the need for sewer line replacement, then it’s time to look at your options.

Traditionally, replacing a sewer line meant spending a fortune to carve a trench across the entire property. This method involved tearing up the entire yard in order to find and take out the old pipe before installing the new one.

Fortunately, there is now a drain pipe replacement option that doesn’t create a huge eyesore on your property. Trenchless sewer replacement allows professionals to safely replace a sewer line without tearing up a yard. This method is now widely used in place of traditional sewer line replacement because it solves the problem with minimal surface disturbance by digging strategic access points instead of digging up the whole length of the pipe.

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It’s never a good feeling to realize there are big issues with your sewer lines. Luckily, the latest technology allows sewer inspection companies like Pipe Spy to diagnose, locate, and fix sewer pipe issues more efficiently than ever before. Read more on https://www.pipespy.com/blog/when-to-replace-a-sewer-line

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, materials, and biological contaminants from contaminated water. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. Most water is purified for human consumption (drinking water) but water purification may also be designed for a variety of other purposes, including meeting the requirements of medical, pharmacology, chemical and industrial applications. The purification process of water may reduce the concentration of particulate matter including suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi; and a range of dissolved and particulate material derived from the surfaces that water may have made contact with after falling as rain.

We also offer a electronic water filtration system which changes the ions of the water to match the ions of the piping and in turn it prevents deposit build up in pipes and hot water equipment which reduces corrosion and extends the life of the pipes fixtures and equipment, and also will kill 99.5% of all Bactria in the water making it safe to drink, Give us a call for a free demonstration. Read more on https://defossesplumbingandheating.com/plumbing-heating-services/water-filtration-services/

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