Mario's Adventure

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Mario's Adventure is an old parody of the Mario series I made when I was around 12, so... lower your expectations accordingly. While it's unfinished, and will remain so, there are 13 levels, including platform, boss, and panic type levels. Also, animated cutscenes bookend each level and advance the plot. Bear in mind, this is from when I was a n00b, so expect a buggy platform engine, gradients galore, and a uncohesive mix of graphics ripped from Mario games with stuff made in Paint and Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker. There is a working save system, accessible from the file menu, as well as passwords (don't go to previous levels in the middle of a game, or else it will think you are cheating.)

Arrow Keys: Move and climb ladders
Shift: Jump
Control: Shoot (fireballs, cannons, poopballs)
Space: Interact/ Pick Up

Story: After a mishap at the Fungi Kingdom Bank and Breakfast, Schnauser (Bowser's pet dog) loses all of Mario's carefully stolen stars. Going away on vacation, Bowser leaves Schnauser his castle and B-list army, which Schnauser vows to use to destroy Mario, remembering his vitriolic response to the accident. Mario must run, jump, and swim all across the Fungi Kingdom to regain his 100 (I only made 52) missing stars. Giant fish, poopa troopas, poombas, pits of poorly drawn lava, lasers, hallucinogenic power mushrooms, moving platforms, and more stand in the way of his goal. Can this fat idiot survive this difficult quest?

10/9/2004: Bug fixes- moved position of final star to prevent crashing on first level (possibly), leaving sides on bathroom levels, lengthened window of opportunity during second boss fight, cheating on castle level no longer goes to Glub Glub victory scene, speed on falling level no longer goes below 10.

Download Now (3.6 MB)

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