Macarena of the Missing

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Trigger Warning: transphobia

Macarena of the Missing is a bootleg demake of Limbo of the Lost, a point-and click adventure game fabled for stealing every single artistic asset you can think of. Luckily, this parody uses all original assets, filled with knowing winks to classic game franchises. The plot follows Admiral Horatio Nelson, hero of the battle of Trafalgar, as he descends into Macarena (a sister dimension to Limbo). There, he meets a host of familiar faces, enters into lengthy conversations, solves puzzles, and maybe helps save Free Will from the machinations of Destiny.


Macarena of the Missing won 8th place in TIGSource's Bootleg Demake competition!



Left click: Move/Interact/Interrupt (when cursor shows rude gesture)
Double-click on arrows to fast-travel.
Right click: Look
Escape: Bring up save/load menu in-game
M: Toggle overworld music in-game 



  •  Excessively long conversations with NPCs such as the plumber Minestrone or the muscle-bound gun maniac Dick Fallout.
  •  The innovative TalkToTheHand dialog interruption system.
  •  A single voice actor.
  •  Music courtesy of an old three octave Yamaha non-midi keyboard
  •  Item based inventory puzzles that skirt the edge of reason.
  •  Extreme pixellated closeups.
  •  Suspiciously familiar background art, music, and characters


Download (32 Megs) 

(Thanks to Rob Fearon of Retro Remakes for his generous file hosting.)