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Finished - complete games

Edge Tycoon - save your business by becoming a trademark troll

Macarena of the Missing - 1,000+ lines of me talking to myself

Short-form - games that can be completed easily in one sitting

Apophenia -  an exercise in randomness

Cave without Story - shmup, shmup, shmup

Dot Dot Dot - ...

Hackworth's Last Kick - the walls are closing in

Mr. Destiny's Adventure - can you get a high score?

Shameful Pachinko Romance - art game or ball joke? you make the call.


Collaborations -

The Duke - nitram_cero's Duke Nukem homage

Face Time - what's under your mask?

TEH FORUM GAME - the Internet is a scary place


Unfinished - games that stand as testaments to my laziness

Mario's Adventure - an immature parody game

Marionette UFO - an exercise in physics

Rocket Skater - a one-button platform game


N00bish - games that aged like fine milk

Downhill Hubble  - the only arcade game to star a snowboarding astronomer

Evil Baby Pong - a pong boss battle against that dancing baby popular in the 90s

Independence- an action-puzzle game with the worst fireworks effects you've ever seen

Jetpack Fusion - a flying arcade game which includes neither jetpacks nor fusion