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As head of a games studio with no active developers, how do you make money? Simple! Invest your money by registering trademarks on common words, threaten actual developers with trademark infringment, and rake in the ill-earned profits on other people's games. Bonus points if the game is popular enough to become a franchise!

But watch out! Too many failed lawsuits and your ego meter will drop. Sue too early and they'll just change the name, forcing you to spend even more money on trademarks. Larger studios have stronger legal teams. While small developers don't have much cash to surrender, it makes your ego swell to force them out of business. However, small developers are more likely to have vocal fans with ego-deflating words to say about your practices. Spend too much time defending yourself online, and you won't have any time left for money-bringing lawsuits!

Lose your ego or your bank account, and it's game over for Mr. CEO.


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