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How can I contact you?

Email me at realnoyb AT gmail DOT com. Please contact me if you wish to cover or use one of my games for a magazine or just have any comments or feedback.


How did you make these games?

They were made using The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion, development tools sold by Clickteam.

Noyb? What kind of name is that?

None of your business!

Why don't these games run on Mac/Linux/Commodore 64?

The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion games are currently only compatible with Windows, although a platform independent Java compiler for MMF2 is apparently in the works.  You can try Windows emulation, although there may be some oddities which I swear aren't my fault.


I'm missing some DLLs?

Try putting these in the game folder. If not, where was the last place you put them? 


I love your games! How can I send you money?

Now you're just being sarcastic. Seriously, these games are freeware, and are not to be distributed and/or sold without my prior consent.


Mario's Adventure keeps crashing on the first level!

Try turning off sounds temporarily by pressing Ctrl + S. Hopefully that will enable you to get to the second level to save without crashing.


Mario's Adventure refuses to save!

Try making a Windows folder in the root of the hard drive you're running it from. I used some shoddy non-relative directory coding for the save games and don't feel like going back to it.


Are there any secrets in your games?



That's not very helpful.



Why are the graphics so bad?

All of the graphics in the game are either hand-drawn (in MS Paint, 3D Movie Maker, or the MMF picture editor) or ripped from better games. If you are capable of making better graphics for me, and don't mind not being paid, be my guest.


How do I play those Frets on Fire songs?

Install the game Frets on Fire, downloadable at this site. Then, extract the contents of the song's zip file into the FretsOnFire\data\songs folder, making sure all the song's files are in a named subfolder of the songs folder. The song should then appear as a choice when playing the game.


After playing these games, I'm beginning to doubt your sanity.