Writing Articles

There are many places online where you can write articles and get paid. Simple how to articles are an easy way to make money online. Ehow was my top paying article website. Now that it is no longer doing the writers compensation program (wcp), I am writing articles at writeonlinearticle.com.

Writeonlinearticle.com is one of the easiest websites to write for. It doesn't have that many guidelines and you also receive 100% revenue share from your articles. The one thing you do need to remember is to hit the "save" button to submit your article after it is written or you lose everything you wrote on your page editor. 

Throughout this page, I will list different places online where you can make money writing articles. 

Helium is another place to write articles online and get paid to do so. Read the differences between Ehow and Helium on this article. For some people, ehow was an easier website to write for because there were less words per article required and the article had a "how to" step format to follow. As for Helium, there is no set step format to follow when writing articles. The competition is higher at Helium. Also, Helium tends to pay an upfront payment per article plus gives revenue share per article after it has been published. Ehow paid in revenue share and had a "secret algorithm" that many members were not sure of. Some say that ehow members earned when they receive sponsored ad clicks on their articles and others say "earnings may have been calculated by how many views an ehow article receives." I know one thing that is completely true, I made some extra money online writing for ehow until they closed their wcp. (As of 2010, ehow has partnered with Demand Studios). See my ehow earnings proof here on my ehow events blog.
You can also sign up to make money writing at Infobarrel, Squidoo, Bukisa and many more online writing websites such as Hubpages. On top of earning money when you write articles at the above websites, you can also refer your friends to write there and make money off of their articles. I have inserted my referral links in the above sites so that you can be referred by me. So, both of us will earn through online writing websites.
Writing online articles can be very rewarding if done correctly. Most websites like
writeonlinearticle.com will walk you through the steps on how to write a money making article? Using keywords and providing good content always grabs the search engines attention. Which in return, helps you generate more views and possible earnings on your online articles.
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