The newest news of the new news:


The website is up, and you can check it out here!!

So you probably won't find us updating this silly scrap-of-a-website anymore. 


Well, a new month has come, and I still haven't finished this blasted website.  Bollocks!  Fortunately, there's good news to come.

1. The website has an (kind of) official release date: somewhere between June 28th or so, and July 4th or so.

2. WE HAVE A NEW WRITER FOR REALLY IMPORTANT REVIEWS!!!!  His name is Owen (LaBrie), and he lives in Vermont.  :DDDDDDD  Be sure to check out his reviews in the sidebar there (The Thermals, Snow Patrol).

Note: If you're a Finnish person (primarily living in Finland) with a similar enough music taste, and you wish to write reviews with us (hint hint the guy who i met on omegle who might still be checking out this website), you can e-mail us at


I am currently working on an official website (not google) for Really Important Reviews.


    From now on, I, Julian Cornell, and person, Charbar Bratches, will be reviewing all the albums we possibly can (that came out) before the year 2009.  I hope this seems remotely interesting to you.  Also, if you like, you can tell Char and I an album you want us to review at  And guess what?  We might just review it!

Cheers, mates!



Charlie Bratches, aka Charbar, has officially joined Really Important Reviews, and will be an additional writer for the music reviews, with I, Julian Cornell!  Wow that sentence had a lot of commas.  Anyshvay, his first review is going to be the Peter Bjorn and John one, so sit tight.


    Peter Bjorn and John have a new album coming out on March 31st called "Living Thing"!  It's produced by Brian Eno, and guess what??  It's explicit.  That's so not PB & J!

You can listen to their new song "Nothing to Worry About" by following the link below.  And for a free download of their also new song "Lay It Down", follow the link below the link below.


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