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Have you had an eviction filed against you? Are you concerned an eviction is going to be filed? See how having an eviction filed against you can affect your credit or your ability to rent in the future and how you can prepare yourself for these situations.

Find out the reasons why a landlord might try to evict you, the process a landlord must follow to evict you, and the steps you must take to respond to an eviction.

You can watch a video on how to do this here.


Do you have a claim you want to file to sue for in an amount less than $5,000? Read this brochure to find out how.


Staying at a hotel or motel for a temporary period of time? You have rights as an occupant in these establishments.  Check out this brochure to find out what they are.

Have a written lease? Find out what rights and obligations you have for:  Breaking the written lease, Moving out at the end of the lease, Staying after the lease expires, and Subletting.


Are you renting through a verbal agreement? Find out what rights you have and what responsibilities your landlord has.


Did you pay a security deposit to your landlord when you moved in? Are you about to move out? Find out how to get your security deposit back at the end of your tenancy.


Are you a renter? Find out what your rights and responsibilities are as well as what your landlord's rights and responsibilities are.


Did you leave your apartment, but still owe rent? Is your old landlord suing you for rent that has not yet been paid? Read this brochure to find out what you should do in that situation.


Is you landlord threatening to turn off your lights or your water? Has your landlord locked you out of the rental property? If so, find out what your legal remedies are for these prohibited practices.

What to do When your Landlord is in Foreclosure 
Are you living in a foreclosed property? Find out what rights and responsibilities you have as a tenant at that property.  Updated brochure is coming soon.

Do you live at a property with a condo or homeowner's association? Does this association want you to pay rent to them? Read this brochure to find out what to do in this situation.


What to do if a writ of possession is issued in your eviction case or if you receive a 24 hour notice on your door.

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