Mastery Objective: As a result of our time together in the Media Center, you will be able to find and apply scientific information from credible sources for your science project.

Lenape Databases & eBooks: All usernames/passwords- lenapehs1

  • Science of Everyday Things- Good source to browse through if you are still brainstorming for a topic!
    • Choose a volume based on your science (Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
    • Use like you would an actual book by browsing Table of Context or index OR search "within publication" using search box on left
  • Can also search all 400 of our eBooks (digital encyclopedias) for information using search box at top of page
  • Be sure to copy & paste the full citation for EACH ARTICLE you use!

  • Great research tool for exploring different scientific subjects, as well as searching
  • Find articles, images, charts, experiments, etc. (all with citations)

  • Advanced (college level and higher) research tool for finding scholarly information in all academic disciplines
  • Click "EBSCOhost-Complete DB list" and then "Select all" OR choose specific databases
  • Search for specific topics/information 
  • Be sure to email (and/or print) useful articles
  • Generate the MLA citation for each article you use by clicking the "Cite" icon (looks like a piece of loose leaf paper on right side of article)

  • A scientific Ebsco database with a more user-friendly interface
  • Click on a category of science to browse and select a field to generate an extensive list of subjects
  • Email each useful article you find to yourself and click the "Cite" icon (on left) to save the MLA citation for each source


  • Username: lenapehighschool
  • Password: indians
    • Find informative, educational videos along with images, charts and other information
    • Media can be downloaded and used in projects
    • Generate the MLA formatted citation for each source viewed or used
  • Another great source for informative videos, but you MUST make sure each one you view is from a CREDIBLE SOURCE!
  • Cite all videos using
    • Click  "All 59 options" and select "Film/Online Video"

  • Use only VALID and CREDIBLE websites
  • Cite all the sources you use/consult using Easybib