The Political Police – by Greg Flanagan


The State's political police are for the enforcement of political power, not your protection. The police are supposed to protect people's rights, but the police hired by The State don't have the protection of people's rights as their primary responsibility, their primary responsibility is protecting The State and enforcing the political dictates of their rulers, often violating people's rights to do so. 
Police in all States are tools of social control by which the political rulers force their subjects to behave in ways which are beneficial to the order and stability of The State, not to protect people's rights, lives or property. This is obvious and is confirmed by the fact that
The State and the police themselves are the primary violators of individual rights and private property ownership.
In the most negative light the Political-Police are professional thieves; thugs hired by the politicians to impose arbitrary political controls on people and deny them the right to operate a legitimate government and police which would truly protect their rights. 
In their most favorable light, the Political-Police are seen as maintaining law and order and preventing chaos which would result in a society where no person's life or property is safe. 
Well, if you examine the justification for this protection racket and the result of it, you find that the imposition of the Political Police combined with the denial of people to have truly protective police, results in the institutionalization of the very things they claim to be preventing. They do maintain order, but an order is an arbitrary condition, a political order; some orders benefit some people more than others, the order they impose is for the perpetuation of The State and its many political interests and to impose the values of the majority or in many cases those of the more aggressively politically active.   
An environment of peace is one in which personal rights and property are respected, since the Political-Police steal from everyone and regularly violate personal rights they do not maintain the peace but are at war against it. As far as preventing a breakdown in law that would result in uncontrolled trespasses on personal rights and property, The State and its politicians and police are continuously violating those rights in a system where all concept of just law, which is based on natural rights resulting from individual sovereignty, has been completely discarded, in their system there is a breakdown in just government that results in lawlessness. The State uses its power and their hired thugs to violate every right that people have, they trespass on every area of people's lives, they claim the authority to do anything that serves the preservation of The State by sacrificing individual rights and they respect no area of a person's life which is inviolable. There is no worse condition than living under the lawlessness of a criminal cartel whose business is continually and systematically stealing, confiscating, coercing, threatening, extorting and murdering those who would defend themselves against these crimes and in many other ways trampling all over natural human rights law. 
Lawlessness is having no respect for the true law, natural law, and instead, activities are governed by the law of, "might makes right", political law is merely opinions, opinions of a majority or of a cartel of powerful special interest groups which uses force to impose its will on the minority or those who are weaker; this is lawlessness, this is savagery, a system where a person's most basic rights are put up for a vote and sometimes sacrificed for the interests of those who are more powerful. To maintain this uncivilized sham of a government, it is necessary for the rulers to strip from people their ability to govern and police themselves in ways which truly protect their rights. Since The State's business involves theft and slavery, they will not allow government or police that respects individual sovereignty. 
As the Political Police are an instrument of political control, they are not committed to the duty of defending the natural law that is founded on the sovereignty of the individual, of which it is every person's duty to respect that law. Since The State recognizes only crimes against The State and rejects and violates natural law, and instead of protecting innocent people from all trespasses against their rights, The State uses their police to impose a political order on people and uses their power to manipulate individuals to serve the political interests of the rulers, so what they call "law enforcement" is in fact political policy enforcement.
Legitimate police provide a service freely to the public, to protect human rights and prevent theft, not to steal themselves, it is absolutely morally wrong as well as being criminal to make innocent victims pay for the crimes of the guilty. As the police are given the opportunity for public service they have the opportunity to catch criminals and earn money from it by making the criminals pay restitution not only to the victim but also they must be made to pay their bill to the police plus additional fines and the full court costs and the convict must pay for one's own incarceration by having to work as long as is necessary to pay full restitution to everyone concerned. In addition the police can earn their money from other sources.

Instead the political police use original crimes as an excuse to steal even more from the victims than did the thief who first stole their property. It's not bad enough that when a person is robbed by a thief, that one loses one's property, but in addition to this the police thieves steal even more from the victim to force the victim to pay for the crime, the victim has to pay for the policing which is imposed on them as a protection racket and the court costs and the incarceration of the convict. People are denied their right to have their own police and a just court system that makes the guilty pay for their crimes, instead of innocent law-abiding people, that enables the victims of crime to collect full restitution. And on top of all of this, the victims are sometimes denied the ability to claim full restitution. They may sue the criminal for damages, but if the convict is broke and has no property to seize, then the victim is left without restitution. In our system the convict must work as long as necessary to pay full restitution to the victim. 
It is foolish for people to be thankful for the police arresting someone who stole their property. For what are they thanking them? If the property was not recovered, the victim receives nothing, if the property was recovered there is still the fact that the police continually rob that person throughout one's life through taxation. Either way, the arrest will be very costly for the victim who has to pay for the entire process and most expensive of all is incarceration, the average cost of incarcerating a convict in the United States is over $30,000 a year. That means that in effect, this price equals the total yearly salary of the average worker who slaves away just to keep a convict, who live idly, in room and board. The Political State and their police steal far more than any criminal and the idea of being thankful for greater thieves arresting a lesser thief is ridiculous. 
Political Police, having a common character, are in some countries nothing but brutal thugs used to terrorize the populace. These thugs carry out terrorist raids on people's houses and businesses, destroying their property and persecuting unpopular ethnic groups by driving them into ghettos or out of the country, or in more extreme cases, dictators use the police to suppress dissenters or unpopular groups, using torture and murder. 
All States use their police for political reasons to some degree, the United States has been no exception, though it has done much less than more tyrannical regimes. U.S. police have in the past been used to persecute African-Americans during the civil rights movement, using the same tactics that old world dictatorships have used on weaker ethnic groups. They have used excessive and unjustified violence against workers on strike. And, they have used excessive and unjustified violence against people who are demonstrating for peace and against war. Today racial profiling, which presumes people of color to be more likely to commit crimes, continues the persecution and has lead to additional human rights abuses by U.S. police that have been condemned by Amnesty International and other human rights groups.
Latin American dictatorships have been notorious in their use of police as terrorist gangs to instill fear in their subjects and eradicate dissenters in the most brutal way.
In Communist countries the police are all invasive, there is no protection from them, they control every activity of the people, not only in public, but their power is limitless and extends into private life. The police are spies that use any means necessary to find out what the people are doing and saying and even what they're thinking in private. Then they use this information to terrify the defenseless subjects so that most people can't speak freely even among friends, since they never know who might be an informer, and those who are serious dissenters are thrown in prison or murdered for the crime of thinking for oneself. 

   In South Africa during apartheid the police were nothing but racist thugs whose whole focus was the persecution of all people of color, blacks had to have passes to travel, and if caught out at night without permission, were arrested, the police would make sweeps and arrest dozens at a time. The police, acting on political orders, would demolish townships and forcibly remove whole black communities to make way for white settlements and black people who protested peacefully were beaten and sometimes murdered.
   Non-communist parts of Europe have not seen such brutality as occurred in Kosovo since WWII, Serb police were the main arm of terrorist persecution of ethnic Albanians; rape, torture, theft, mass murder, all directed by Milosevic and his henchmen to increase their own political power by destroying or driving out the unpopular group so they can create a greater fascist-Serbia.
   These are extreme examples of the tactics of all political police, to enforce the imposed order that protects the power of the ruling group to dominate, exploit or destroy the weaker groups.
As long as politicians are able to hire these thugs with badges to commit armed robbery which allows them to hire more thugs ( a self perpetuating protection racket ), they will continue to be used to impose political dictates at the expense of individual rights. How utterly foolish for citizens to think they're being protected, they are being controlled and robbed of their property and the opportunity to exercise their rights freely and of their ability have a just police service to actually protect themselves against such criminality.
   I repeat; legitimate police provide a service of protecting individual rights in a way that the guilty are made to pay for their crimes and not the innocent.
   The political police have long been used to enforce a particular social order that serves the ruling group. This often takes the form of institutionalized ethnic discrimination and persecution. Throughout the history of Western Christian governments, the religious police have concentrated on persecuting other religions and sexuality. In the past in Europe, police have been used to enforce Christian policies and force people to support Christian institutions, sometimes exclusively either Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, while persecuting and preventing other religions from maintaining their own institutions.
   The sex police have been aggressive in attacking any sexual expression, even that which is natural and morally good sexuality in the arts and entertainment and even in private establishments where these thugs have raided and used violence against people who are just enjoying erotic entertainment. Their intrusions even reach into the privacy of homes by using violence to keep consenting adults from engaging in the most basic exercise of rights, that of choosing what one may do with one's own body. These thugs enforce a terrorist like atmosphere on all sexual interaction.

For the political police to presume to enforce moral standards or behavior while they themselves are immoral, armed robbers and mobsters who in some cases use violent force and murder innocent people who are doing things that they have a right to do, though the politicians may impose a prohibition against it. When cops attack and kill a person, who refuses to submit to The State's criminal violence which would result in unjustifiable imprisonment and has not provoked the attack and who is doing something that may be prohibited by the politicians but is not in any way harming or violating the rights of any other person, then the police are guilty of murdering an innocent person.
   Like government, policing is something that is carried out on a daily basis throughout society, families govern and police themselves as do businesses, organizations and just informal groups of friends. Each of these social groups have their own rules of behavior and ways of enforcing or gaining compliance with those rules and as well as types of punishment for breaking them. All are free associations, except for that of The State, which is the only institution that is imposed and is not only inconsistent with the rest of society, it is at war against it. As free associations, they are voluntary, which means that the means of policing them must be respectful of the rights of the participants, for if it is not, no one will choose to participate in it for very long. But The State either holds people prisoner or they control their movements, when they travel to another State one finds more or less the same conditions. In the system of States individuals are denied the opportunity to organize consensually but must always accept the imposition of a cartel of tyrants.
   The way the Police-State controls society is mainly through a combination of intimidation and denial of self protection. The State obviously has to keep people from being able to protect themselves effectively from their thugs in order to maintain their control. The tactics used by the Police-State are intrinsically immoral in that their premise is that people's rights don't belong to individuals, they are determined by the gang who has the greatest power.
   Throughout history the dominant social group have used their police to maintain their dominance over other social groups. When one nation conquers another, the ruling ethnic group denies the people of other ethnicities the opportunity to police their own communities just as they deny them self-government. This has the effect of an in-your-face intimidation of people on a daily basis. Examples of this are that of the United States during its conquest of Native American nations and during segregation and South Africa during Apartheid, and many other examples throughout the world. Under these regimes the police were almost entirely white men. These racist police forces were used as instruments of oppression. They controlled the black communities, not to protect people, but to intimidate them and keep them under control, to keep them subjected and in their place. Periodic unjustifiable attacks on persons that included brutality and sometimes murder were nothing but organized terrorism. Businesses and community organizations that were involved in political protest were targeted and vandalized or shut down. In Nazi Germany, the Gestapo, who were nothing but brutal thugs, were considered the embodiment of Aryan supremacy, they were only the embodiment of cowardly bullies who can only get away with their crimes when they have disarmed and subdued people till they are defenseless.
   One thing that regimes like this have in common is that their police are used as a form of intimidation propaganda. They are the ubiquitous symbol of the institutionalized dominance of one social group over another. This type of police impose their own social values on others in a way that is intentionally designed to discriminate against, persecute and destroy other social groups.
   The injustice of today's political police forces is their discrimination against normal women by excluding them from the opportunity to protect their own rights and that of society in ways which amount to persecution of feminity. After nearly a century of the malignant spread of communistic ideology throughout the world system of States, many police forces have adopted the identity of androgynism in their institutions and their relations toward society, which translates to their imposition on society.
   Policing is a right of the individuals themselves and in concert with others to voluntarily provide a service to others. To protect one's rights, one must be free to protect them in the way that one believes is best, according to one's own values. Women must be free to protect their own rights in their owm feminine way, it would be insanely self destructive to do it in any other way. Men must also be free to serve in their own way and to choose relationships with women which serve and support their masculine and feminine characters, roles and values to protect society and the family and to uphold its moral values; to provide role models that embody those values and stand as good examples.
   Today's thugs that wear badges hardly resemble normal human society. They have intentionally, through discrimination used affirmative action cheat programs to help amazon freaks who want to betray their own sex and join the faux-masculine-fascist thugs in persecution of normal women and free society at large. Any feminazi who wants to train to become a violent thug at war against freedom and human rights is placed into these jobs in which she is not even qualified; because she obviously does not have the physical strength, fighting ability, foot speed, agility and other athletic abilities that are necessary to be a successful patrol crime fighting police officer. In order to institute these cheat programs, they have pulled down the standards for men, you may notice that there are a large number of cops who are fat slobs. A patrol cop must be athletic enough to be able to outrun and overpower at least the average man, when a cop is after a suspect who runs away, often youths, he has three choices; to let him go, chase him down or shoot him in the back, if the cops are physically inferior to the large majority of the suspects then they will not be able to chase down anyone, leaving them with the only way of stopping a fleeing suspect, to gun him down like a mad dog, which is what they sometimes do, especially against minority suspects. If a cop is physically weaker than the suspect, even weaker than the average teenage boy, then they will have to use the gun to stop even unarmed youths, sometimes killing those youths, when any average man could have easily overpowered him. In the police, average isn't good enough, the cops must be physically superior, athletic enough to run down and overpower any suspect, to have the agility to run an urban obstacle course, jumping over fences, cars, up fire escapes, running a slalom through people and objects and having the endurance to outlast and catch the suspect. The reason why the physical standards have been pulled down is the gender quota system to put women into police uniforms, not caring about the quality of police protection, or the public safety risk it causes or the immoral roles between males and females they are promoting while discriminating against natural women, which all contributes to a negative effect on society. Would professional men's sports teams institute a gender quota system to put women on men's teams and lower their athletic standards to the point where any out of shape middle aged fat slob could make the team? That's just what the communistic police are doing and endangering the public because of it.
   The purpose of this is clear, it's to put female bodies in faux-masculine-fascist uniforms for its propaganda value. To create an oppressive intimidative effect on natural women, while denying women even the public identity and presence of being able to protect her character, her reputation or her rights in a feminine manner and denying good, honorable men the right to support her roles.
   People who use theft and armed aggression to discriminate against others and persecute them are obviously morally unfit to police anyone and people who cheat to get jobs for which they are not qualified are morally unfit to assume any responsibility over other people's lives.
   The mentality of the Police State is that they want to fully integrate females into the patriarchy by attempting to pervert a woman's femininity and her humanity, by turning her into one of these inhuman amazon freaks. Women who think that their transvestite appearance and their cheating their way into jobs for which they are not qualified is promoting women's rights are not only living under a delusion, they are discriminating against and cheating good, normal women out of the opportunity to truly advance women's rights and opportunities and to effectively protect women's rights and lives. The other creatures who have the appearance of males, but are not real men because they do not protect women, they don't even have the self respect to defend their own rights, have betrayed their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and other women by joining the androgynous army at war against the human family. This propaganda is perpetuated through the media in their TV shows and movies where the police usually have male and female partners in which the female is an amazon rebelling against her femininity and trying to destroy any similarity between her and normal, natural women, she plays the role of a man, while the man has the role of being supportive and praising her betrayal of her own sex.
   The discriminatory effect of this is that never do you see a femon even being allowed the opportunity to protect and uphold her rights in an official capacity in the police or to police her community and protect and uphold the values of the family and society in her own feminine way. This discrimination in the culture and their institutions is an attack on the identity, rights and lives of all females everywhere and its attack on the rights of men to live and serve femin and society in a masculine way, which by definition means being protective of and in relation to the feminine. It is an attack on the institution of the family and threatens its future. And because of discrimination against people, who would use other means of policing, such as non-lethal, conflict resolution, positive behavior reinforcement or other means which is more peaceful and respectful of human rights, leads inevitably to a more violent society in which there will certainly be more crime and correspondingly greater power for the Police State which will become even more aggressive in infringing on people's rights with the excuse being that it is necessary to prevent the increasing criminality, which they themselves practice to a greater extent than does anyone else.
   The androgynous political police creates an artificial anti-human environment that is the antithesis of the family and decent, civilized society. As I have said, policing is something that is carried out on a regular basis in the family, friendships, business and society. Policing is accomplished in many different ways and styles. These different ways, though, are not merely styles but are expressions of the nature and values of different people and they are completely necessary, not only for protecting and upholding individual's rights, but in maintaining a civilized society based on the moral values that hold the family and the society together. The Police-State is at war against this nature and its values, by creating these androgynous thugs and sticking badges on them, they have robbed innocent people of their money, and have developed a system of promoting combative behavior between the sexes and discriminated against even the opportunity for normal decent civilized men and women to serve their community in the police according to their own natural and moral masculine and feminine roles. 
   It is the expression of basic natural human rights for men and women to extend their roles from the family into society without discrimination, harassment or restriction. To be able to maintain one's rights in the family and society, one must develop the public social institutions that are able to both secure those rights privately and to extend them publicly. Yet the androgynous Police-State has not only used discrimination to persecute the expression of those natural human rights in public they have used their policies to extend that persecution into private life by developing a ubiquitous culture that promotes combative activities between the sexes and denies opportunities for civilized people to uphold their normal sex roles in politics, sports, entertainment and other areas.
   If any of the thugs wearing the costume of police presume that they are actually protecting people's rights, by violating human rights, then they are even more dangerous because of their inability to think rationally and to even understand human rights or that they simply have no regard for people's rights and believe only in serving the artificial monstrosity of The State.
   For the police to claim to be upholding people's rights while persecuting the rights of natural, decent, civilized men and women is a hypocritical and contemptuous insult.
For the police to claim to be upholding the peace by using violence against innocent people to extract their money and violate their rights is nothing but an arrogant declaration of war that says, "I don't give a damn what your rights are, we have the power to tell you what rights you can and can't have".
   The most obvious reason why they are not truly committed to peace is that if they were, then they would allow the opportunity for people to protect and uphold their rights and to serve their communities and families in more civilized ways which respect those rights and have the affect of actually creating a more peaceful and cooperative society and they would allow the opportunity for femin to serve their communities by policing in their own feminine way which involves non-combative, pacifemation techniques, and they would allow the opportunity for honorable men to serve in roles with femin which serve both femin and society.
   The government must demonstrate a respect and trust for the public, which presumes people to be innocent and doesn't treat them as animals that have to be controlled by the threat of deadly force. Steps must be taken to create opportunities for men and women to serve in the police in ways which are more peaceful, less violent, more respectful of human rights and in ways which make the police more truly community servants and participants in developing techniques and programs that foster peaceful cooperation in the community and helps to prevent crimes to a greater degree than do the violent Police-State thugs.
   In fact, the Political Police enforce immorality; seizing control of peoples lives, stealing their money, telling consenting adults what they may or may not do in private, persecuting consensual sexual acts, capturing or killing innocent people who have committed no real crime against any victim, arresting people for obscene displays using the excuse of protecting public morality, while they are most immoral, the barbarian savages promote cobative activities between the sexes like filthy sub-human animals and at the same time deny decent civilized human beings the right to create a decent and civilized government and society to be able to protect themselves is most tyrannical.
   They who are political thugs have no moral authority at all, they pervert society and force people into a public space against their will which is fundamentally immoral and to deny people the right to use their own property and freedom of association to create the public space they want according to their own values is tyranny.
   Of course, individual males and females who want to serve in the police according to androgynous roles have the right to do so as long as they don't interfere in the morally superior right of others to protect and uphold the highest moral standards of human nature. You see, in order to have a free society, people must be free to police their interactions with other people in society according to their own values, of which there is only one absolutely enforced standard, that of individual sovereignty which includes the freedom to choose the kind of police that one wants.

As long as women are denied the right to protect their own rights in the police department there is no realistic way that women can secure their rights in society. As long as honorable men who care about and want to protect women are kept out of the police and the military there is no way within that society that good men may serve humanity. As long as all decent civilized human beings are denied the right to police themselves in their own way there is no way that the human family can be secure.

Since the police are serving that community they must respect and uphold the moral values of that community and to serve and protect those values in all that they do. To refuse to allow normal decent civilized people to be able to protect their own rights by having police that represent, serve and defend the natural roles and rights of men and women and the family is discrimination against natural human identity, an attack on normal civilized society, an attack on the family and civilization itself. It is a bigoted and intolerant attack that refuses to respect natural human rights.
   The government must not have a monopoly over the police, emergency services or defense, it is tyranny to do so because it denies the right of the people to have the kind of police and defense that truly serves their own rights to upholds and defends their own values.
   Libercratic police must be good moral role models, they must instill respect by representing the best values of society as well as doing a good job of protecting people, because in doing so they are also protecting societies values. The identity of police roles cannot undermine social-family roles, they must represent the masculine and feminine roles in decent society and the family, to impose negative sex role images on children is abusive and it undermines what the parents and society are trying to teach and it undermines the child's identity in relation to other people. Children need very good, clear, positive role modes, without contradictions, that creates a good conducive environment so that children understand their identity roles with each other. You don't treat your children with love most of the time and then intentionally become hateful toward them even for a moment, you don't create a peaceful home life only to intentionally shatter it with violence and you don't create a good decent civilized society only to at the same time pervert it with immoral conduct that is destructive of the society.

Legislation produced by The State is primarily designed to make their slaves perform demanded acts for the ruler's benefit, e.g.; taxation, regulation, licensing of activities, all of which can only be enforced because there are enough individuals who are influenced by the propaganda to believe that using violence to get someone to perform something that you can't or won't do for yourself is justifiable. The police are the thugs who carry out the violence to make the slaves perform. Don't be fooled by the uniforms and badges, the police are just as much thugs as street gangs, in fact they're much worse, because they steal from everyone and are at war against individual freedom. It's the ability of The State to entice enough amoral people into being violent savages and caring out acts of violence for The State that preserves its tyranny.
   To force people to surrender their right to self-defense over to a protection racket that is imposed on them is not only to expose those people to innumerable attacks against their rights but it is to subjugate them completely and to deny their ability to protect those rights.
   The problem with discretionary laws is that it allows cops to write the law, interpret it, judge its constitutionality, and enforce it according to their own whims and prejudices. That inevitably leads to a Police State.
"Many police departments require a minimum number of collars per officer per month. As the month nears its end, police officers actively seek arrests to fulfill their quotas. What do you suppose are the easiest collars to make? People committing consensual crimes, of course."
   The rightful purpose of law enforcement is the enforcement of the sovereign rights of the individual to freedom under natural law. When policing invades the spheres of private morality and social welfare, it betrays its proper duty and exceeds its legitimate authority at the cost of neglecting its primary responsibility and commits criminal violations of the very rights they were entrusted to uphold and defend.