Backstabbing. Gold-digging. Random Charity Fundraisers. The Real Housewives of Philadelphia has all the familiar drama of your favorite cable reality show, completely live and completely unscripted. The cast of five women (comprised of some of Philly's top comedic performers) take a single audience suggestion and improvise a look into of the fabulous lives of Philadelphia's uber-privileged glitterati. Is Maria taking her family values too far? Is Ivanka who she claims to be? Is Kitten an idiot or something? These questions answered, or not, on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Philadelphia!

Upcoming Episodes

The Housewives at the Philly Fringe Festival
Friday,  September 3
10:00 PM 
Monday, September 6
8:00 PM
Thursday, September 16
10:00 PM

Moonstone Arts Center
110A S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
2nd Floor

Tickets $15 - click here to order!

Cast Members

Alexis Simpson..........Deenie from West Philadelphia
Liz Scott....................Ivanka, from the Great Northeast
Kristen Schier............Veronica from Old City
Meg Favreau..............Maria from South Philly
Alli Soowal.................Kitten from South Jersey

Episode Guide
EPISODE 1: Heels on Wheels
The women temporarily put aside their long-held grudges to rally around one of society’s most deserving causes:  expensive shoes. Even Ivanka’s death can’t stop her from attending this gala fundraiser!
EPISODE 2: Science
Veronica schemes to have her name put on the marquee of the new hospital wing- over Deenie’s dead body. But all the stress from all the cat fighting is giving Kitten flashbacks. Also: Ivanka reveals the terrible secret of Noaf and Dort to Maria.

EPISODE 3: Dogshow Firemen
The ladies' plans for a dog fashion show to benefit Philadelphia fire fighters goes awry when Veronica insists on bringing her iguana, Kitten gets lady-handled by Veronica, and Deenie removes the head off a teacup poodle in a drunken daze.

EPISODE 4: Nature
The Housewives hit the great outdoors for a camping trip, while Ivanka's beauty product scheme is revealed to be less than what it may seem.  Deenie's house mystifies Veronica: do its many levels reflect the levels of their disdain for one another?  Meanwhile, Kitten gets published.

EPISODE 5: Sunshine
Ivanka recalls that her introduction to the United States and to Deenie both occurred at an unsavory location - the docks.  Kitten gets a lesson in blackmail, while all of the ladies experience flashbacks of their mysterious pasts.

EPISODE 6: Purple
Organic clothing, food porn and child rearing techniques:  is there anything the Housewives aren't experts at?  Well, yes - maybe the art of the intervention, which turns into an airing of grievances unrivaled by any Festivus celebration.