Pure Beauty-Jain Nagar: A paradise in real estate in Ahmedabad

One of the exclusive regions which home the peaceful Jain community that imbibes the precept “Do unto” others, as you would really like to be completed with the aid of Jain Nagar, is increasing upwards to welcome people from other groups however with the similar set of values.

The Mahalaxmi-headed top point of Parimal beneath-bridge has a lane which displays some of the best Properties in Ahmedabad. An array of stately bungalows and a scattering of residences termed Jain Nagar attributable to the predominantly Jain populace will surely attract you. Affirmed by assets dealers as a secure bet way to the safety and comfort degrees, this location is stretching vertically to expand its fold.

Parallel to Jain Nagar is one of the oldest areas of Ahmedabad, Sharda Nagar, which in step with its name (one of the many sobriquets of Saraswati -the Goddess of studying) is domestic to educationists.

Primary amenities like hospitals, fitness care centers, Jain apashrays and derasars, faculties, speedy food shops, gyms, banks, groceries and vegetable shops are available within a 20 minute distance -making this one of the maximum sought-after residential destinations in Ahmedabad. For the health aware residents, Parimal lawn is only a ten-minute walk away; and for those with a foot fetish, the well-known roadside chappal marketplace is bang throughout the road! AMTS buses, car rickshaws and personal cabs ply for those inclined to opt for usual delivery; however most of the citizens here belong to the higher strata or the double-income families hence they opt for commuting by using their non-public vehicles.


The owner of a nearby grocery store at Suvidha shopping Centre shares, who has been operating his shop from the year 1975, said that it is one of the nice areas of Ahmedabad. Initially, our clients have been only from the enterprise class however with re-development there was an upsurge of specialists too. On being asked why he doesn't expand his operations and move to other prime places he laughingly said nowhere vin the city will he get customers who thank us for offering them with each suvidha (facility)?The demography is predominantly Jain joint families from the business class -most of them were residing here in view that three generations. However with Gen-next looking to transport in the direction of their factories industries some of those bungalows is being re evolved to provide a way to apartments to house specialists.

The ambience and easy connectivity have added in a fast tempo of improvement which is attracting many developers to buy plots in Jain Nagar to construct incredibly cheap real estate in Ahmedabad for professionals leading to a prolific boom within the real property sector. If your basic principles are -Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or residing being if that is your philosophy then Jain Nagar is the vicinity for you!

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24 May 2017, 03:07