Advertise real estate and house rentals online

 Real estate listings sites and apartment rental ads websites are a popular, cheap, faster and effective way to
sell your property, rent your house or lease an office/commercial space. With online rental posting sites, you have control on your ad. Write it, edit it and tweak it the way you want it look and feel. In most cases, you have the option of uploading property photos as well.

The only down side is that you may receive spam responses and commercial sollicitations.Perhaps a little price to pay for saving those needed dollars. You should also be internet savvy (security-wise) and familiar with property selling and rental scams.

Nothing against print advertising. In fact, combining online and print promotion is the most efficient advertising strategy.
Advertising house rental and homes for sale on newspaper is still reliable for home owners and landlords if they can afford it. Doing that, you will make sure to also capture that segment of buyers that do not use the internet, particularly old buyers.

But times are changing and missing out on online real estate portals for both real estate agents and private vendors is
 just not a good idea. The reason is simple, more people hang out on the internet already. Whether for facebook, checking their emails or playing games. Surfing the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. And surfers (including property buyers) prefer to conduct their research online for almost anything.

As they say, the numbers don't lie. The number of online house rentals ads and real estate listings is far bigger on the internet.

Why advertise real estate and house rentals online?

Placing free rental ads is simply easier and cheaper. Many house rentals adverts websites offer the possibility of uploading photos for your property, in most cases without any rental fees whatsovever. Remember, tenants and home buyers prefer to see photos of what they're getting into.And rental/property ads with pictures get the most clicks.Users can also check the location of the property on Google maps.

Apart from money-saving, ad control (instant edition and photo upload), property searchers can also narrow down results
to pull only those ads with the criteria they want (time-saver). With those property search boxes, you can instantly
filter the results to your likely, saving you valuable time (and time is money, right ?)

You can also subscribe to get the latest rental or property listings additions to your email or phone. Iphone, Android and other smartphone property email alerts notifications are no longer and advanced tech luxuary. Another advantage of online advertising is that you can track your ad performance view the advert viewing count and/or advertisement clickthroughs stats.

On a newspaper ad, your property listing takes a prominent space and unlike an online busy site, your listing will not be pushed down and get burried in subsequent pages few people will scroll. That being said, you can still overcome this online by also posting your property ad on small to medium-sized websites where your ad stays prominent for a longer period of time. Or pay a small fee for a top listing.But to make the maximum out of your rental and real estate ads, you need to know how to write good property rental and selling ads. Check out these tips for on how to write good rental & real estate ads.

To maximise the number of leads for your online rental ad (or any ad for that matter), check these Classifieds Advertising Tips & Ideas.