Why Use This Service?

Why use this service instead of "asking a friend" for a broker referral? Real estate agents are not "one size fits all" - the best realtor for one person's situation is not always the best for another's, even with the most experienced real estate agents. Real Estate Connections will pre-screen and connect you with a real estate broker who best fits YOUR needs.

No allegiance to any one real estate broker or company - Many realtors and re-location companies and realtor referral companies have a pre-set list of realtors that they refer you to. Since my fee is the same regardless of the broker selected (a percentage of the broker's commission), I have no allegiance or obligation to any particular real estate agent or company - my utmost priority is to connect you with the best realtor for your situation.

No self-dealing - Although I am a licensed real estate broker, I do not represent sellers or buyers. I scour the real estate market in order to choose worthy agents with topnotch records to represent you.

Help you choose between realtors - Even if you already have several realtors in mind (but have not yet selected one), with diligent screening, I can help identify the agent who is the best match for you. And if you have only 1 broker in mind (but have not yet listed with him or her), I can conduct research on the broker's record to confirm his/her credentials and capabilities. At no charge, you will have greater peace of mind in your decision.

Personal Attention - Real Estate Connections can give you the personal individual attention that larger re-location or realtor referral companies are not able to provide.

Free Realtor Referrals - All States - Wherever you are selling or buying, I will do the necessary legwork to find you the best realtor for your particular situation, be it residential, high or low end of the market, commercial, acreage, waterfront, condo or other special property features or characteristics. Nationwide realtor referral service - all at no charge.

Quick Response Time - I will always return your call or reply to your email within 24 hours, and will start working on finding your realtor for you the very day we speak!