Real Estate Connections respects the privacy of its customers and is committed to protecting their personal information. The purpose of this policy is to advise you of the rules I follow when I collect,  retain, use or disclose personal information.

1. All information provided to me will be completely confidential.

2. Unlike other web sites, I do not provide for a Questionnaire to be filled out online. If you are interested in using this service, a detailed Questionnaire would be sent to you via email or regular mail and/or an in-person meeting will take place to collect the information.

3. I will only collect personal information necessary to provide real estate broker referrals.

4. I will not disclose personal information to any organization or person other than specific real estate agents for the purpose of performing their task efficiently.

5. I will only ask a real estate agent to contact you with your prior authorization.

6. I will not disclose personal information to any unrelated third parties.