Question: How do I start the process of getting a referral from you?

Answer: You can contact me either by phone or email; I will respond to you by phone or email within 24 hours. We can then set up an in-person meeting or I can send you additional information by email or regular mail.

Question: Why shouldn't I just ask my friends or colleagues for referrals to brokers?

Answer: Real estate agents are not "one size fits all" - the best realtor for one person's situation is not always the best for another's, even with the most experienced real estate agents. Finding a realtor is easy - finding one who will succeed for you is hard. Real Estate Connections will pre-screen and connect you with a realtor who best fits YOUR needs. 

For more information on this topic, go to Why Use This Service? 

Question: Can you help me if I already have the names of several real estate brokers? 

Answer: Yes. It is my goal to find you the best agent for your needs. If you already have several realtors in mind (but have not yet selected one), with diligent screening, I can help you choose the best realtor for your needs. And if you have only 1 realtor in mind (but have not yet listed with him/her), I can conduct research to confirm the realtor's credentials, experience and record. At no charge, you will have greater confidence in your decision.

Question: How can you make recommendations out of state? Specifically, how can you "really know" a broker's credentials if you do not live in that area?

Answer: I have been practicing trusts & estates law for over 20 years. In my capacity as legal advisor to individuals and attorneys, I have built a network of extraordinary attorneys and real estate practitioners throughout the United States. Through my relationships with such colleagues I am able to tap into their personal knowledge bases of which realtors have the skills to be effective and can navigate problems that arise in transactions, and which ones do not.If a realtor referral is requested outside my geographic area, I obtain top-notch referrals from attorneys that I know in the area and do extensive custom research on the Internet. I interview the prospective brokers on behalf of the buyer or seller, determining the broker's experience, competence, and record.

Question: Will the information I provide you with remain private and confidential? 

Answer: Keeping your information private and confidential is of the utmost importance to me. Please see the Privacy page for more detailed information on this topic.

Question: Is there a fee for this service?

Answer: No - this service is free of charge. As a licensed broker, I receive my fees as a percentage of the agent's commission.