Product Information

LadyBug Corner Chair

The designers at R.E.A.L Design recognize the need to make children's products that are not only functional but fun!  The LadyBug Corner Chair is intended for use by children from 0 to 3 years of age. The corner chair facilitates upright sitting and head control for those children who are developmentally ready.  The corner configuration offers support for straight-backed sitting and helps to protract the shoulders so that the arms can come forward to function in midline. The LadyBug is unique in that the seat back adjusts forward or backward along the seat base to allow the child to sit in either a long-leg or conventional sitting position.  In addition, the seat back can be removed when child is ready to learn independent sitting. To position the child comfortably and securely, the LadyBug is upholstered in soft, padded vinyl.  The chair also includes an H-strap harness, hip belt, abductor, and removable tray. The frame is constructed of sturdy tubular steel sand includes locking swivel castors. The legs adjust in height independently, allowing the seat to be inclined for children who are not ready for upright sitting.  (An accessory headrest is available.) The LadyBug Corner Chair -- the first real choice for a child's first corner chair.

The LadyBug Corner Chair Features:

  • The LadyBug Corner Chair is a comfortable positioning system for children 0 to 3 years.
  • The corner chair support moves to adjust the seat depth so that a child can  be positioned in either long leg or conventional sitting.
  • For the child who needs to sit in a more reclined position the LadyBug Corner Chair has four independently adjustable legs.
  • The cushioned seat and back are covered with a water proof, easy to clean  vinyl fabric.
  • The corner chair back support is removable for children preparing for more independent sitting.
  • The LadyBug Corner Chair is constructed of 1" powder coated  tubular steel with locking castors. 
  • An accessory head support is available.