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Debian on NC10

This may not be really interesting, since today (2012-01-01) almost everything Just Works on sane hardware. There are ancient instructions all around that scare you with all kinds of tricky workarounds for various problems that you get on PC hardware and poor system integration. Maybe this will provide a little contrast :-)

The hardware

  • Samsung NP-NC10
  • Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz, 1GB RAM (1 empty slot)
  • Intel 40GB SSD (hdparm around 512/64 MB/s)
  • Intel 945GME graphics
  • Marvell 88E8040 PCI-E ethernet
  • Atheros AR242x Wireless Network Adapter (BG)
  • Builtin Bluetooth
  • Builtin SDHC reader
  • 10.2" TFT
  • Intel TCO chip (rng, wdt)
  • 6-cell(?) battery, 4200/5200 mAh according to ACPI, 80% of original capacity

What works

  • Boots and runs, no crashes or major problems
    • linux-image-2.6.32-5-686
    • linux-image-3.1.0-1-686-pae
  • X, xv, xrandr, DRI (3D graphics), free Intel driver, Just Works without any config!
  • WLAN (ath5k, bg router)
  • Sound (snd_hda_intel)
  • Ethernet (e1000e)
  • Bluetooth (btusb)
  • CPU frequency scaling (acpi-cpufreq, ondemand 0.8-1.6GHz)
  • Suspend to ram and hibernate to disk (2G swap)
  • Printing to Samsung ML-1640 (USB, hotplug, CUPS)
  • memtest86+ from GRUB
  • Thermal sensors (ACPI virtual)
  • Fan speed set by fancontrol
  • Booting off USB mass memory
  • USB, keyboard, pointing device, any other trivial things

What doesn't work

  • Windows, in the long run :)


Happy little laptop with amazing battery life (6h+ in active use in the initial install/setup spree on Windows).