Another homepage

This is a small test for Google's tools and perhaps a place to stash some things. I'm trying to keep unchanging links and a clean layout. will probably host most future things including hacks and blog. contains some older stuff in chronological order. I wonder which, if any, makes sense where. has photos. That's probably the thing that updates most consistently.

And in case you know me, there's facebook and G+.


Well, back in 1994 or so, I needed a username probably for the first time. Looking around for inspiration in the library music room, there was a magazine article or something around about Damn Yankees. So, that was it. That got used in some other system, then an irc nick, then another. It would collide. I would use XTL (more pointless a backstory), but that was too short for some systems. Being the creative kind, I extended the nick to realblades and that's gotten copied around some more. I've even had to double the prefix a few times. I should have changed it. I should change it. But there it still is, in some places. Silly.