The REAL Baby Name List

The 2008 SSA Baby Name List can be found at
So what is the REAL Baby Name List?  This is a list compiled by myself the combines the multiple spellings of the same names and lists them as one name (for instance, Sophia and Sofia).  I then took the number of children with that name, compiled that together, and created the REAL most popular name list.
This list only contains spelling variations that are found in the top 1000 list posted on the SSA site.  The data to include every single variation is simply not available to me. 
There are always going to be some arguments as to the pronunciation of certain names and whether they should be grouped together.  Madeline and Madelyn are examples of this.  When I had a question I would ask those around me and those at the Baby Names community on "The Nest" and came to a conclusion about the name based on the consensus that was reached.  The names Madeline and Madelyn were kept together, but the names Mia and Maya were determined to be different names.  If you question any of the combinations on the list feel free to contact me with your concerns at  Elijah and Elisha (male version) were deemed similar but different, yet they *sound* similar so they remain grouped but a special note in the Boys list shows you where the name falls if "Elisha" is taken out of the equation.  For the most part, if the *sound* alike they were kept together.
While the names Isabella and Isabelle are VERY similar, they have enough of a difference that I have kept them separate on the list.  Someday I will compile similar names together and post another Most Popular List that includes names that are considered "close enough" for your reference.  So keep an eye out for that update!
So why the obsession?  Honestly, I have a lot of time on my hands right now and really enjoy statistics and names.  SO I decided to combine theset wo interests and took on this project one weekend and was able to complete it in just a few days.  I thought the list would be helpful for anyone who is trying to think up a name for their baby right now. 
Again, if you spot an error or an omission please point it out to me!  Since I did this myself I could have easily missed a few spelling variations.