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You cannot appeal your property taxes unless one of two things happens:  1) The taxing authority changes your property's value or 2) you file a property tax return.  

The problem is that Change of Assessment Notices are not mailed until three or more months after the deadline for filing a property tax return.  If the taxing authority keeps your property value at the same level it was last year, then you cannot appeal, and even if it changes your value, Change of Assessment Notices sometimes get lost in the mail, and you do not find out that your value changed until you get your tax bill in the Fall, long after the time to appeal your Change of Assessment notice has expired.  

In Other Words, to Ensure That You Can Challenge or Appeal Your Property Taxes, You Need to File a Real Property Tax Return - But Time Is of the Essence Because the Deadlines Are Soon.

The Deadlines for Filing Property Tax Returns in Georgia are as follows:

March 1:  Bibb, Butts, Chatham, Clarke, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Hall and Newton

March 31:  Echols

April 1:  All Other Georgia Counties

To get started on evaluating your property value and filing a Property Tax Return, please download the Property Tax Service agreement at the bottom of this page or contact Jon Ripans to request a Property Tax Service Agreement.  

Jon can be reached at realapp@gmail.com or Direct Dial:  (404) 993-9467.  [Pop-Up Blockers Sometimes Interfere with the Form Below]. 
The agreement is a standard contingency fee arrangement, but other fees, such as flat fee or hourly can be arranged in appropriate circumstances. 

Jon Ripans - Appraisal,
Feb 11, 2010, 7:33 PM