Ready Bed Inflatable Sleeping Bag

    sleeping bag
  • A warm lined padded bag to sleep in, esp. when camping
  • "Sleeping Bag" is a song performed by the band ZZ Top from their 1985 album Afterburner. The song was released as a single in 1985 and became their most successful single, reaching #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, equaling the peak of their previous single "Legs.
  • large padded bag designed to be slept in outdoors; usually rolls up like a bedroll
  • A sleeping bag is a protective "bag" for a person to sleep in, essentially a blanket that can be closed with a zipper or similar means, and functions as a bed in situations where it is impractical to carry around a full bed (e.g. when camping, hiking, hill walking or climbing).
  • A boat or dinghy that may be inflated when needed; Any other structure, artwork etc. that is inflated; Able to be inflated or blown up
  • Capable of being filled with air
  • designed to be filled with air or gas; "an inflatable mattress"; "an inflatable boat"
  • (Inflatables) 7 oz. vinyl wrap with an air blower to produce a balloon-like sign.
  • (of a thing) Made suitable and available for immediate use
  • cook: prepare for eating by applying heat; "Cook me dinner, please"; "can you make me an omelette?"; "fix breakfast for the guests, please"
  • Keen or quick to give
  • completely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress; "get ready"; "she is ready to resign"; "the bridge is ready to collapse"; "I am ready to work"; "ready for action"; "ready for use"; "the soup will be ready in a minute"; "ready to learn to read"
  • In a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; fully prepared
  • poised for action; "their guns were at the ready"
  • A place or article used by a person or animal for sleep or rest
  • A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress and coverings
  • The time for sleeping
  • a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"
  • a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"
  • furnish with a bed; "The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals"
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ready bed inflatable sleeping bag - Disney Cars
Disney Cars EZ Bed Air Mattress
Disney Cars EZ Bed Air Mattress
Disney EZ Bed Cars Theme

A great choice for sleepover guests or bringing to overnight destinations, this EZ Bed Air Mattress features Lightning McQueen from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. This inflatable airbed has a built-in soft fleece pillow at the top and a fitted slipcover with mesh pockets that removes for easy washing. An insulated sleeping bag zips securely onto the slip cover. The mattress has electronically welded seams, a 2-in-1 valve and air channel construction. For ages 3 years and older, it measures 60 x 33 x 6 inches (L x W x D).

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
Today Yotsuba returned with a sleeping bag, declaring she would be the caretaker of the house, as it was being completed. Anyone want some pizza?
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag. Bloomington IN, June 2012.
ready bed inflatable sleeping bag
Wenzel Lakeside 40-Degree Sleeping Bag (Blue/Light Blue)
The Wenzel Lakeside forty degree rectangular sleeping bag has a soft polyester-pongee liner for comfort and a polyester shell for durability and is an affordable choice for mild weather camping or weekend sleepovers. Filled with 3 pounds of non-allergenic Insul-Therm the quilt through constructions helps the fill stay in place for added comfort and warmth. It measures 33 inches wide and 75 inches in length to cover you from head to toe. The Velcro tab secures the self repairing coil zipper and two elastic straps secure the sleeping bag for storage. Specifications: • Size: 33 in. x 75 in. • Fill: 3 lbs. of non-allergenic Insul-Therm • Outer: polyester • Liner: soft polyester pongee • Storage: 2 elastic straps

A great choice for mild weather camping and sleepovers, the Wenzel Lakeside sleeping bag delivers a comfortable night's sleep time and again. The Lakeside--which boasts a 40-degree F temperature rating--is filled with 3 pounds of Wenzel's hypoallergenic Insul-Therm polyester fiberfill, a cozy material that provides good warmth retention. That bag's quilt-through construction, meanwhile, keeps the fill from shifting and eliminates cold spots. And campers will love the soft polyester pongee liner and sturdy polyester outer shell. Other features include a self-repairing zipper, a Velcro zipper tab with an embroidered logo, and two elastic straps for bundling.
Temperature rating: 40 degrees F
Size: 75 by 33 inches
Fill weight: 3 pounds
Fill type: Insul-Therm polyester
Outer: Polyester
Liner: Soft polyester pongee
Zipper: Self-repairing
Storage: 2 elastic straps
About Wenzel
Established in 1887, Wenzel's mission is to help families experience the outdoors and get away from the constant noise of modern culture. That's why Wenzel runs every product it creates through a very specialized filter--the families of Wenzel employees. Rather than obsessing over PowerPoint presentations and boardroom discussions, Wenzel focuses on the things that families care about: tents that are easy to set up and take down; sleeping bags that unroll into warm, roomy cocoons but also roll up compactly; and camp pads that smooth out the rough forest floor. At the core of Wenzel's products is a commitment to ease and comfort, because "roughing it" shouldn't mean shivering through the night or waking up with a stiff back.