Think globally, act locally!
Attached below you'll find a document with your assignment for this project, along with other relevant documents.

You'll need resources to complete this project--specifically you'll need to explore one or two global projects or solutions in depth as an inspiration and model for your own project.  Here's a sampling that can help you build a strong project.  Don't feel limited to using these resources only.  Think of these as a good start.

Challenge yourself by trying to incorporate some of the concepts we've been discussing about leadership and change into your projects.  To paraphrase: People aren't persuaded just by what you do, but by WHY you do it.  Let us see the WHY of your project--the personal connection that makes this project matter to you.


Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
This is the one that introduces the idea of a first follower being important in a new project or movement.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action
This is the TED talk about the golden circle and what distinguishes great leaders
"People don't buy what you do.  They buy why you do it."

Everyday Leaders
A TED talk by Drew Dudley

Excerpt from Soldiers of Peace
This is the excerpt about the young men in Marsabit, Kenya playing soccer instead of fighting

Sakeena Yacoobi at the Afghan Institute of Learning
Transforming lives of girls in Afghanistan--and in turn transforming the country--through education

An Introduction to CAMFED
Another organization using the education of girls in the service of transformation--this one in Africa
The film clip is narrated by Morgan Freeman.
"Self-confidence is the key to it all." 
Key term: the multiplier effect

Kiva at Frontline
Microfinance as a strategy for change.  15 minute Frontline segment.

Clip from The World According to Sesame Street
More about the project here

Kibera Film School
Transforming lives of African youth

Peace Direct
Supports local action against conflict.  Featured in Soldiers of Peace.

How to Feed the World
Analyzes the problem of hunger using motion graphics in order to come up with a solution.

WEB RESOURCES with a focus on Global Strategies and Solutions

CNN Heroes 2011

Hot Sun Foundation
Transforming lives of African youth through filmmaking
Also featured here at Global Giving

"When you educate a girl in Africa, everything changes."

Media that Matters: After the Harvest
Projects in coffee-producing areas sponsored by Save the Children and Heifer

Explore Media that Matters
Browse films by issue

Poems for Peace

Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop
This project provides books and a writing workshop for young prisoners in Washington DC

Architects of Peace
Biographies and web resources--many many architects--from Anderson Cooper to Cesar Chavez to Maya Angelou to Nelson  Mandela

Starved for Attention
A project of Doctors Without Borders for solving the problem of malnutrition

Peace Corps
The project inspired by John F. Kennedy in the 1960s
You can search for specific Peace Corps projects here

A project like the Peace Corps but volunteers work within the United States

The Mona Foundation
Supporting universal education

Loans that change lives. 
The website makes it incredibly easy for a person to choose a project and begin lending money.


Seth Godin on The Tribes We Lead
Example of presentation with strong visual slides


What Is Prezi?

Top 5 Reasons to Use Prezi

Example Prezi
Future Proof Your Education

Make a Google Site 
This is an easy-to-create and free way to make a website

Voice Thread

Slide Rocket

Lessons in Visual Storytelling at Presentation Zen

The Beauty of Data Visualization

The Anatomy of an Infographic: 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual

Media that Matters: It's in Your Hands
Simple can be powerful

Media that Matters: My Fellow American
A persuasive video essay on some attitudes toward Islam in America

How to Deliver the Talk of Your Life
An article on giving an effective presentation--in this case a TED talk

(Keep in mind you're only seeing part of the presentations here.  More was layered on during the presentation.)

Hunger by Katyrana O'Neil

Hunger by Daniela Ceron

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