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Add-on: SpeakEnglish

SpeakEnglish - Speak Text & Web Pages with 7 English Voices
Read aloud copy & paste text, key in text, documents and web pages sentence by sentence with 7 English voices and English punctuation.

SpeakEnglish Add-On supports English language only.
The SpeakEnglish FREE Add-on is limited to speak few sentences only and with sponsored ads.

Innovative features
1. Speak 7 English Voices.
2. Read aloud the whole English document & web page from touched words or from the beginning.
3. Speak aloud English punctuation option.

● Speak 7 English Voices.
Microsoft Translator:
English (US), English (Australia), English (British), English (Canada) and English (India).
The Microsoft Translator service requires internet connection while speaking. Please turn on Wi-Fi while 3G is running slow.
Off-line Text-to-Speech
Female Voice and Male Voice.
The Off-line Text-to-Speech service does not require internet connection while speaking.
Continue speaking when the iPad or iPhone screen is locked.
Speak when the iPhone is set to vibrate only.
● Speak the copy & paste or key in English text.
Key in text from keyboard, or copy English words, phrases, and sentences from other apps (such as Mail, Pages, Safari, GoodReader,…), the text will be pasted automatically, then it will speak sentence by sentence.
If you copy url (http://...) from Apple Safari app, and run the SpeakText app, it will go to the pasted url web site automatically.
You could recall [Starred] text to edit in Key in mode.
The app supports the Apple Wireless Keyboard and iOS 5 split keyboard for Apple iPad.
● Speak the whole English page from touched words or from the beginning
Speak the whole English web page or document from the touched words or from the beginning to the end sentence by sentence.
Touch on the web page or document to select the area, tap the [Speak from Here] button, and then it will speak from the touched words to the end sentence by sentence.
After the web page or document is loaded, tap the [Speak] button, the app will speak from the beginning to the end sentence by sentence.
● Support multiple web pages and document types.
Formats supported:
- Web pages
- Microsoft Office: Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps)
- Apple iWork: Pages (pages), Numbers (numbers), Keynote (key)
- eBook (epub)
- Text (text, txt), RTF document (rtf)
● Support two ways to open documents.
There are two ways to add documents to the app’s “Documents”:
1. Open In...
Open documents from Apple's Mail app attachments (or any App that supports "Open In..." feature), and select "SpeakEnglish" in the "Open In..." menu of the Mail app, then they will be opened and copied to the app's “Documents”.
2. iTunes
Connect Apple iPad or Apple iPhone to your computer via USB cable, and then drop your files to the app File Sharing window of Apple iTunes to copy to the app's “Documents”.
● Support powerful speaking options.
The app provides some powerful options, such as speaking repeat times of each sentence, speaking pause seconds between sentences, speaking speed, popover text font size, speak aloud English punctuation and paste automatically options.
To change options, press the [Settings] button, [Speaking] and [Others] segments.
● Mark "Starred" to record favorite words.
It supports search, delete, and details with speaking features.
Highlight words while speaking.
● Support bookmarks and home page.
Add favorite web pages to "Bookmarks" which supports search and delete features.
● Highlight words while speaking.
Words will be highlighted on many web pages and documents while speaking.
Please note that words with special format may not be highlighted properly.
● Support sentence by sentence window.
Tap the left top button to switch the size of sentence by sentence window while speaking.
● Support favorite voices setting selections.
The app keeps the last 7 voice settings automatically.
To add your favorite voice setting selection, just set a new voice setting. The new voice setting will be added to the favorite voice setting selections.
● Support both Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

SpeakEnglish Add-on Manual
 Download the latest manuals (with images) :