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Ratings and Reviews

Love it ★★★★★

by Marek.D

I love this app; it became the big part of my life since I bought it two years ago. I use it mostly to listen to books from the Internet sites like Project Gutenberg that offer books in a text format. English is my second language and the 'SpeakText For Me' gives me the possibilities to listen to books, sentence by sentence, with a speed that is comfortable to me, the app translates all sentence to my native language, additionally I’m able to repeat all the difficult parts of the books as many times as needed to fully understand them. I spend with 'SpeakText For Me' one to two hours every day and, since I started using it, I have made very big improvements in my abilities to understand and speak English. I plan to use it for many more years, read hundreds more books and, at the same time, improve and perfect my English skills. I’m convinced that it is “must to have” app for everyone how tries to learn a new language.

Amazing SpeakText v22.0 to learn languages with excellent Support !!! ★★★★★

by Silver_evs 

How many people worldwide struggle to improve their oral expression in English? Are you one of them, as I am? Then, you know how difficult it is to find someone that makes you speak every day, when you are not in an English speaking country. It's almost impossible, unless you can afford paying a very expensive private teacher! The second obstacle is to find the time to do that... We haven't got time! ...have we? This amazing APP combines the time I regularly spend exercising (...to keep fit) with its ability of asking me questions in English... making me think and speak... whereas my words are heard through my earphones and are recorded (...so that I can listen to them later on, once my exercising is over). The time I'm allowed to answer each question can be fixed in "Settings" (30 to 60 sec is a good option)... and it works with the iPhone screen Off... to save energy! There're plenty of Questions in the Internet on the subjects you're in: Questions for Job Interviews... or Questions about Startups... or Questions about Computers... etc. Choose the set of Questions you like most and let SpeakText to ask them to you... whereas you're exercising (bike riding, jogging or else): simply GREAT !!! Not only can this APP ask you questions, but also it can be used to review English Patterns or Vocabulary... or even use it as a Dictation Machine! Besides, I have received an excellent support from Jack (SpeakText): He has proven to be a professional who can actually listen to the Customers' voice! Thanks, indeed, Jack! ...for this terrific v22.0 !!! Best regards.- SILVER_evs.

Improve your oral expression while doing other activities!! ★★★★★

by Cler85 

This application is really useful for those interested in improving their oral skills in another language or for example, who are going to sit the TOEFL iBT: you can write some questions or topics and the application will read them, give you some time to answer them and even record your answers, so you can listen to them and judge how well you're doing!! Also I find it very useful as a translator: it includes a lot of different languages and it has different features to help you import the texts you want to introduce in the application. To sum up, if you want to practice your skills in a foreign language, it is really worth it!!

English app ★★★★★

by Rociomacias

This app is awesome!! Any strange word could be detected and also translated correctly in your language. By the way I only tried it in spanish and in german and it runs really good. I would recommend you strongly the full version!!! Cheers to create it!!!!

Great English learning app!! ★★★★★

by isaacsp

Really great app to improve your conversation skills

Learning English easier than before ★★★★

by MDDecision

The first time I tried to use the app was a bit difficult, but when you discover which is its structure its easier. Can use it with screen switched off is awesome!!

Speak text for me ★★★★★

by 56tim

Want a good translation? Speak Text does the job fast, accurately and clearly. Amazing app worth buying.

Very useful ★★★★

by Claralina13

I love having this app read to me when my hands are full. Very useful.

Excels now ★★★★★

by Appthinker

When I first purchased this app, I wondered if I'd wasted my money. It was missing key features and had sub-par voices and was clunky to use. I am SO glad I revisited this app! It is now incredible! All the problem features have been repaired. It now has GREAT TTS voices, is easy to navigate on my iphone, and is quick to download both voices and translations. I REALLY like this app now, and will rate it yp there with dreamreader and my better TTS apps..... it might come in first place soon :)

Poland ★★★★★

by Marek.D

I bought this app few months ago and use it almost ever day. English is my secondly language and this application helps me to perfect my language skills. The recorded voices are very pleasant and though they incorrectly pronounce some words it isn't a big problem. The important advantage for me is the fact that the app allows to adjust the speed of reading and repeats sentences. I can repeat them as many times as I need to fully understand or memorize them. It makes much easier to read and understand even very difficult texts like Shakespeare. When the previous version was crashing from time to time, I sent an email to the provided link. Jack (the owner?) assured me that they working on the new crash-free update and patiently advised me how to temporarily fix the problem. Few days ago I uploaded the update and everything seems to work very smoothly now. Really great application. I highly recommend it to anyone who learns or improves new language.

Speak text ★★★★★

by Teresukisan

Awesome! Very recommended!

Review ★★★★★

by gpalenzuelag

Fantastic, is a great idea!

Rociomacias ★★★★★

by Rociomacias


Worth the money ★★★★

by Workin 2 job mom

I am using this app to speak aloud my written Spanish lessons. I plug the phone into the big screen and sound system, and teach the Spanish lessons to my family. Some functions are not user friendly but I can figure it out.

Hood Job ★★★★★

by TC08232011

So far yours has been the choice of my Spanish learning tool. The best part is the number of repeats. It helps me to train my ears with different speech speed. One comment. After I have used it for a few months, the history size has become so large that it slows down the APP. I could not find a quick way to erase all the recorded sentences that I have used. I have to delete the app and reinstall it to clear my history. I wish there were an easier way to clear my history.

Awesome ★★★★

by Maralo7

It's a very good app

Awesome ★★★★

by MaCarmenFP 

Very useful for teachers to prepare presentations or youtube videos. Speak text allows you to review your presentation while you are engaged in other activities.You can also adjust the speed of speech that best suited to you,providing perfect control on the duration of your public talks.After a couple of examples,you know perfectly how much text you have to write for a talk with a fixed duration.Great for MOOCs!!

Great ★★★★★

by Oskarin7

This app is terrific! Just what I was looking for.

Amazing!! ★★★★★

by Jdelamorena 

Great app

Best ever ★★★★★

by Andrew666677

Well recommended, voice is natural, can translate to multiple language, can also email the voice file and data file via mail. Best ever !

Awesome speak text application . ★★★★★

by Happy Eve Choo

Awesome speak text application

Excellent!!! ★★★★★

by Eliipc

All that I need to facilitate my life. Very pleased with it.

Travel assistant ★★★★★

by jaybird705

Just got this fab app! It is perfect for my trip to Europe! Translates words, phrases orally and in writing, saves them so you can practise them.