Services & Specialties

Tarot/Angel Readings    
Meeting with the angels healing 
Meeting with the angels crystal path

Usui and Rainbow Reiki Sessions and certification. 

Shamanic guided journeys. 

Full Moon Circles. 

Palm Readings    Energetic Healing    Spirit Readings    Diamond Dragon Healing

Distant Healing.    Astrology Reports.    Common Sense.     Events and private parties.  
Diamond Dragon Healing 

Working with the 1st order of Angels. 
The Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

This unique Healing System works on deep levels of the 4 bodies, 
Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental. 

Clearing past traumas and 
Karma Clearing with the Angels. 
Tarot and Divination Workshops

The Major Arcana: The Story of the Fool

The Minor Arcana and Suits

Spreads and Story lines

Psychic Development