Reading by Vanessa will be offering Special Mini Sessions at Best Damn Race
Health and Fitness Expo @ Hyatt Regency.

Palm, Mini Tarot, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing,
Reflexology, Raffles, Essential Oils, Crystals.

Health and Fitnes Expo for 
Best Damn Race New Orleans

Saturday 3.23.19, 11am-5pm

Hyatt Regency New Orleans
601 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113
Storyville Hall – 3rd Floor (Turn Right off the escalators)

Open to the public

Free Admission – For two days, exhibitors will offer samples; showcase the latest in running gear, sports apparel, health & nutritional information and much more. 

Pick up some last-minute race essentials before race day and be sure to visit exhibitors again on race day. 


Past Events:

Special Guest Halloween Week!!!

Special Guest Madrina Alexandria

Is in NOLA for Halloween!!!

Special Events!

Shell Readings!

Head Rogacion!

Orisha Talks!

Sessions Available in the Lower Garden District

And in Covington North Shore New Orleans.


    Sunday October 28th 6-9p LGD.     Mesa Blanca - Spiritual Mass

    Monday October 29th 10a-4p Cov.             Shell Readings/Head Rogacions

    Monday October 29th 6-8p Cov.             Orisha Talks

    Tuesday October 30th 9a-12p Cov.             Shell Readings/Head Rogacions

    Tuesday October 30th 12:30-1:30p Cov.             Tea with Madrina*

    Tuesday October 30th 6-9p Cov.     Mesa Blanca - Spiritual Mass

    Wednesday October 31st 1-4p LGD.                     Shell Readings/Head Rogacions


Leave Message or text to 504-507-0222

Address will be given once you RSVP

Feel free to contact us with Questions.

Mesa Blanca - Spiritual Mass - White Mass

White misas provide the investigations of our spirit guides, to understand what entities are protecting us and guiding us. Another function of a white mass  is to receive messages from our ancestors. To cleanse ourselves of negative energy. It gives our spirit guides the light necessary for them to communicate with us. All those presents are cleansed and also the home is blessed and cleansed . Price for a private misa in one’s home is $225.

NOLA Special Event Misa $22-$33 Suggested Donation/Exchange per person.

More information available below.

Shell readings

The Diloggun the oracle of the Orisha’s . This divination system is deep rooted in the Lucumi faith from the Yoruba nation in southwestern Nigeria.  This system is based on the interpretation of 18 Cowrie shells, the shells are cast out of the diviners hand and then the clients, they are then counted and the numbers which are referred to as Odun patterns now tells the legend or Pataki (story) which corresponds to the clients life. Thus giving an in-depth reading this is how one’s life evolution unfolds. Only full Initiates of the Lucumi faith are blessed with the knowledge of this divination system. Shell Readings are $100 per person.

Head rogacions

A rogacion is a cleansing to align the physical body with our spirituality to support a clear and positive life flow force within us. The cleansing can be done several different ways depending on each individual need of the client.

Another way to describe these special healings is as a Spiritual Chakra Cleansing. Head rogacions are $75 per person.

Orisha Talks

And informative and informal discussion about the Yoruba gods and goddesses their attributes,  characteristics and Patakis (stories) will be discussed. We will also explore how we can identify our own personal attributes to align with the specific God and Goddess. Orisha Talks $22-$33 Suggested Donation.

Mesa Blanca ~ Misa Espiritual


Halloween Misa with Madrina Alexandria

October 28th 6:00-9:00p Lower Garden District New Orleans

October 30th 6:00-9:00p Covington North Shore New Orleans

Misa will include

  • A mass to the spirits and lighting of candles

  • An altar for offerings to your loved ones

  • An ancestral potluck

Bring white candles, a dish to share from your ancestry, an offering to the spirits from your heart for the altar.

$22 - $33 Suggested Donation/Exchange per person

RSVP – Address will be given when you RSVP       504-507-0222 LM or TEXT

What a Misa is

A Misa is a collaboration of Spiritual Guides, mediums and participants. Within the Spiritualist tradition one of our central public ceremonies is a Misa, or Mesa Blanca. A Misa is a spiritual mass designed to allow the spirits to give messages and guidance to the public for progression and healing. They are usually held within someone’s home or in a small temple. they are non-denominational as the focus is to assist and support the community.

What you will see in a Misa

You will see a table set up with white cloth. On the table are ceremonial items we use to clear and elevate the space. We do this to offer a strong sacred space for messages to come through the mediums. Three or more mediums are always present. You will see a donation basket and it is common for people to donate money for the cause. $22 - $33 Suggested Donation.

Sacred items that are used frequently like waters, candles and incense are donated by the participants, or paid for by the donations. We invite ALL people to join in the fun. For us, Spiritualism is a diverse tradition comprised of many cultures, therefore Misa gatherings tend to be refreshing and supportive for everyone who attends.

There is no agenda in a Misa except for the mediums to share messages.

You also will see tables and offerings set up for various holidays, the changing of seasons, or particular spirits we may be honoring that day.

At the table the mediums will sit and they will call up people to give the messages quietly for privacy. Often, messages from ancestors or loved ones will come through. The participants may receive messages from a guide and on some occasions, a channeling may take place by one of the mediums if there is a serious need for the visitation.

Common Questions

1. What should I wear when attending?

Dress in light colors and a white top. Skirts are traditionally worn or scarves to act as skirts.  In our tradition, faith, hope, and charity are important, we gather together to encourage hope, to give through charity, and to call forward people’s faith. We are a non-denominational temple. When we say faith we do not intend for any church, religion or spirituality to be praised. In our culture faith resides within us and develops a person’s sense of safety and power. Faith in God for us, means a belief and trust in the great spirit and the universe. For some this may mean a god, to others a pervasive force. Either way we are gathering for this reason, to bring forward people’s faith. The colors need to be light to represent the purity of this purpose.

2. I think I am an Espiritista, how do I know?

If you are an Espiritista you will have had a history with hearing, seeing and sensing what most others cannot. If you have the gift and want to develop your gift, we will see you for classes and teach you how to develop and elevate. We recognize that anyone can be an Espiritista. Some have a natural knack for it. If you can already see, hear or feel the Spirits, you may find that you do well.

3. What are typical donations? What should I bring?

Flowers, Wine, Florida Water, Colognes, Perfumes,  Money, Incense, Anil balls (blue ball), Sabbath candles, Seven Day candles, Pull Out Candles. Anything from your heart.

4. Remember to RSVP

504-507-0222 leave message or text

Madrina Alexandria is a highly respected teacher, counselor and public speaker. 

Working with both individuals and groups to bring Life Enhancement and spiritual 

awareness to everyday Life. With over 20 years of study and experience developing 

programs to help individuals focus on communication, spiritual connections and cultural understanding. Alexandria teaches people to tap their inner strengths, create a strong support environment and has helped her clients learn to navigate life.