About Vanessa.

Vanessa is an Oracle and a Healing Artist. 

Vanessa started reading palms in elementary school and was 13 when she purchased her first tarot deck. She has dedicated her life to exploring and learning different forms of spirituality. Allowing Spirit to guide her Vanessa has explored: 
Shamanism, Usui Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Archangels, 
Healing with the Angels, Santeria, Sansi, 
Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light, 
Astral Travel, Spiritualism, Healing Arts, Auric Surgery, 
Frequency Altering Healing Method, Wicca, Paganism, 
The Rising Star Healing System, Essential oils and Crystals, etc .

Vanessa grew up in NYC spending her summers in Ecuador. She now lives and works out of New Orleans with special events and dates in NYC, Miami and Palm Springs.

Readings by Vanessa offers phone readings, private readings 
and lecturas en espanol

In the New Orleans area Vanessa offers private in person readings by appointment out of her balcony garden in the lower garden district weather permitting. Late Afternoon and Evenings. 
Earlier appointments are available with advanced notice, weather permitting.    
Phone Readings are available most evenings Eastern Time. 

Meditations and Interviews

Interview and Diamond Dragon Meditation

Life on Earth Podcast Interview

About the readings.

A little bit of information about the readings and how they work. The best way to describe the readings are as inter-dimensional mapquest. They let you know where you are at and what is to come. The future is subjective and the present which is a gift is forming it. Some things are fate and some things are up to us. 

Vanessa connects to the clients highest self removing herself as much as she can and allowing a block of information to come through and spiritually translate through the cards. 

To start a reading breathing deeply into the Heart Center Vanessa calls in our Archangels, Guides, Ancestors, Omnipresent, Higher Self and Inner child to name a few. An Angelic healing and clearing is led in the meditation. Deep Mother Earth Grounding and Father Sky Blessings are activated as Mother Father Lineage Karma programs of clearing are put in place. An activation program is started for the next 21 days for up to 3 months for the highest and best of all. This meditation clears away any energy that was blocking us, preparing us for the messages that lead us to our higher selves. 

From then we go into the cards for our map to the future. Like a story line the tarot cards draw us the pictures to dig into the present and all its aspects seeing where we are doing good and where we need help. 

Truly the Reading is a Guided Meditation, Karma Clearing, Family Lineage Clearing, Angelic Energy Healing, Healing program for the next 3 months 
+ a Tarot Reading.

Phone Readings and Phone Healing:

$200 - 60 Minutes. 
$150 - 45 Minutes. 
$100 - 30 Minutes. 

Private Readings and Private Healing In Person 
@ Lower Garden District NOLA Location:

$300 - 60 Minutes. 
$225 - 45 Minutes. 
$150 - 30 Minutes. 

Private Readings and Private Healing in person 
@ AirBNB, Homes or Hotels in NOLA area:

$250 - 60 Minutes. 

Per person
$250 - 60 Minutes. 
$200 - 45 Minutes. 
$125 - 30 Minutes. 

For Events, Parties and Expos (Reading and Healing):
$500 per hour for Vanessa and Master Readers/Healers 
for Group readings or group healing
round table 6 - 12 people. 

$300 Per hour for Vanessa and Master Reader/Healers
for one on one readings in Large events. 

$250 per hour for one on one readings small events. 

Special Hand Selected Readers** available for events and parties. 

Multiple Readers and Healers Available for Events in 
New Orleans, NYC, Miami and Palm Springs*.

*If specifically requesting Vanessa or Master Readers for certain locations a travel fee of $500 is added. Not all readers are available at all locations. 

**Please Note not all Readers use the Rider Waite Deck or Espanola Deck often seen in movies. Readers use various Oracle, Tarot, Astrology, Crystal, Nature, etc, decks and are gifted in many ways. 

Payment forms accepted
PayPal, Cash, All major credit cards, debit cards and prepaid credit cards. 
For in person and over the phone. PayPal Cash Card also accepted. Sliding Scale available. 

Phones are usually forwarded to voicemail. 
Leave a message, text or email for requests. 

Please note appointments fill up quick. 
At times there is a waiting list for phone readings. 
If you are a new client please leave message or text with name and type of
service you are interested in. 
If you have been referred by a friend please let us know.
Referred clients and returning customers have priority. 
Event weekends in New Orleans get booked in advanced so please keep that in mind. 

Free Essential Oil Workshops upcoming dates soon to come and special request available. 

Reiki Healing Initiations and Workshops available. 
New Angel 101 Workshop coming in 2019. 
Usui Reiki 101 Workshops and Attunements coming in Summer 2019!
Online Tarot Class Soon to come!

Coming Soon!!!
We are updating our website. 

For Appointments 
Leave Message or text 
Email: ReadingsbyVanessa@gmail.com