Theatre and Transition:

The Post-Apartheid Efforts of the Dramatic Community in South Africa

Mary Reading

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This research project  examines the theatre of South Africa in the 1990s by relating the work done in this era to the movements Theatre of Protest and Theatre for Resistance in the time just prior to the end of apartheid.  Through this project, the precarious  position and sometimes paradoxical works of theatre artists in the transitional period between apartheid and democracy are considered.

For those not involved in THRT 386, please note that I am by no means an expert on the subject presented in this project. The sources I have used to reach the conclusions and assertions made in this project have been fully cited throughout and I strongly encourage that any material taken from this website be properly attributed to the scholarly sources listed on the bibliography page.

This website has been created as the online host of the research project for Dr. Andrew Vorder Bruegge's THRT 386: Theatre History & Literature at Winthrop University.