What is Disciplinary Literacy?

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"Disciplinary literacy is distinct from "content area" reading. Disciplinary literacy is more aimed at what we teach (which would include how to read and use information like a scientist), than how we teach (such as how can students read the history book well enough to pass the test). The idea of disciplinary literacy is that students not only have to learn the essential content of a field, but how reading and writing are used in that field. On the other hand, content area reading focuses on imparting reading and study skills that may help students to better understand and remember whatever they read." Tim Shanahan

What does it mean to read through a disciplinary literacy lens?

Check out this report from Carnegie about disciplinary literacy and adolescent readers

A padlet loaded with resources about disciplinary literacy

Elizabeth Moje's slide show on disciplinary literacy


The Shanahans's pivotal article on disciplinary literacy

Looking for texts to use with your students? Try "using informational text."

Annenberg's site on disciplinary literacy

Want curricular ideas for teaching students the skills and dispositions of disciplinary literacy in history, English, or math? Look no further. Just click on this link to Southern Regional Education Board.

And what about writing? What does it mean to write from a disciplinary lens?