Training & Resources

Please note that specific forms may be located in the Forms, Policies & Downloads section of this website.

To be completed for all girls each year. It is important for leaders to keep track of any girl who doesn't have permission for photos to be taken (and you may encourage parents to consider signing this if they don't initially).


Reading has a Ceremonies book that is available for all to utilize. The PDF is located at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded. In addition, the Reading Service unit has many of the supplies for the ceremonies. From May poles to birch logs for candle celebrations, all of this is available for troops to borrow. Flags and ceremony supplies are available by contacting

CORI Forms

CORI Forms must be completed for all adults over 18 yrs of age that are interacting with the girls more than once during the year. This includes parents who help at meetings, carpool girls, deal with troop money (treasurer, cookie sales), or are an adult in the home where a troop meeting is taking place. The completed CORI form and photo ID must be presented to a Council CORI representative (in Reading, that is Michelle Kramer, Amy Ward or Marianne Downing). CORI forms must be completed for GS every 3 years, and the forms you complete for school, church, or other group does not count for GS. CORI FORM

BANK Information

If you need to set up a new troop bank account you can find the information you need at BANKING. Reading Girl Scouts recommend opening an account at Reading Cooperative Bank and getting a minimum of two (2) debit cards to be used by authorized individuals for the troop. Therefore, no need to reimburse people.

Meetings in a Home

If your troop meetings are being held in a home(s), you must complete a GS Meeting Place Checklist annually. Meeting Place Checklist


With the National update to the GS program, the Core learning Plan for adult volunteers has also changed slightly and can be found at CORE LEARNING PLAN. Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) provides troop volunteers with a strong learning plan to assist them in their work with girls. Troops are required to have at least one fully trained volunteer present at all meetings and events. The steps of the required core learning plan are described below. Prior to having any contact with girls or their personal information or managing funds, volunteers are required to complete criminal background check. An adult may not volunteer with girls until this two-part process (Verified Volunteer and Massachusetts CORI/SORI Acknowledgement Form) is completed. Please note: this process can take up to 3-4 weeks.


The Service Unit event policy is available here for all to read and/or download.


All required forms can be found online. It is suggested that forms not be saved on your local drive because forms are frequently updated.

Meeting Resources

Please download the document at the bottom of this page which has numerous suggestions for where Reading Girl Scout troops can hold meetings.

Money Earning

Please download the Money Earning guide found at the bottom of this page. This document explains the guidelines for Girl Scouts in regards to raising money. Remember, Girl Scouts is a non-profit and receives funding from The United Way which requires money earning to be carried on in a specific way. The Service unit also has policies regarding events that involve money earning. Please review EVENTS Policy.'

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Many activitiea re onsidered standard and do not require any special permissions. However, there are numerous activities that require special documentation. Examples include ice skating, canoeng, bicycling. m GSEM council. Access Safety Activity Checkpoints documentation here!

Adult Volunteer Training

The most updated place to find out about training opportunities is on the GSEM web site at TRAININGS. You can register for these directly online.

Volunteer Essentials

You can get info. about what it is to be a GS, how to engage girls at different levels, how many adults do I need for a trip, safety info. and lots more in VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS. You can check online as needed but it is recommended that you NOT print or save the document as it is updated a few times throughout the year.

Volunteer Toolkit

The Volunteer Toolkit is a great tool to help volunteers plan with the girls. You must have a login and password to access the toolkit.