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Investigating Reading Comprehension in Children from Diverse Language Backgrounds
The intention of this website is to act as the primary source of information for those involved in the project. These include teachers, parents, participating children, and others interested in the progress of the project and our findings. The website will be updated on a regular basis so please visit it frequently to keep up to date.

The project is run by Laura Shapiro at Aston University and Selma Babayigit at UWE and involves working with schools in the Birmingham area. The schools have been selected because of the diversity of languages that pupils speak at home. Some pupils speak English most or all of the time, and others speak different languages at home. We are working with children in years 4, 5 and 6, aged between 8 and 11 years old. Our aim is to investigate the skills that are important for understanding the meaning of text in children from diverse home language backgrounds. 

For a more comprehensive overview of the project, please click on this link.

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Our Commitment to your Children
Your children are key to the on-going success of this project. Our research team has extensive experience of working with schools and ensure that both children and teachers benefit from their involvement. Please click on this link for more information.