About qrtt1

Personal Information
  • Name: Ching Yi, Chan
  • Email: 
  • Github: https://github.com/qrtt1
  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, C
  • Java Frameworks: OSGi, Spring Framework, WebWork/Struts2, Hibernate/JPA, Apache MINA, JMS (ActiveMQ), Eclipse Plug-ins Development
  • Web Development: HTML 4, CSS 2, Javascript, jQuery, Flash/ActionScript 3
  • Development Skill: Unit testing, Source code management (svn, mercurial, git), Refactoring, Design Patterns
  • Build Tools: Maven, Ant, Make, Gradle
  • SUN Training Course: 
    • SL-740-TW NetBeans 6.0 Development Tools and Glassfish Application Server (zh_TW, co-author with koji)
    • SL-770 Java Persistence with Hibernate and JPA (zh_TW)
    • SL-860 Java Web Application Performance Analysis and Tuning (zh_TW)
    • SL-870 Developing Secure Java Web Application (zh_TW)

Open Source Participant

  • Learning new tech skill: Scala, Erlang, Html 5, Android Programming
  • Movie and Music