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Add CHM files to ReadCHM

There are 3 ways to add CHM files to ReadCHM.

1. Via Wi-Fi
  • Tap "Library"
  • Tap "Add"
  • You should see something like below (with a different value for the URL)

  • Open a browser from your computer and browse to the URL provided
  • Click Choose File and choose a CHM file
  • Click Submit

2. Via iTunes (not supported for iPhone/iPod Touch running iOS 3.x)
  • Connect the device to the computer and start iTunes
  • Click on the device icon appeared under the Devices group, the Summary page for the device should be shown
  • Select the Apps tab (located on the right on the Info tab, which is on the right of the Summary tab)

  • Select the ReadCHM icon located in the Apps folder at the bottom of the screen (under File Sharing group)

  • Drag CHM files from the computer to the ReadCHM Documents area (or click the Add button and select files to add)
  • The added books should now be available in ReadCHM library      

3. Via other applications (not supported for iPhone/iPod Touch running iOS 3.x)
  • Select a CHM file in DropBox or Mail application
  • Tap "Open In" icon 
  • Tap ReadCHM