Welcome to the Reading Paths to Adventure Web site.  This Web Site has been created by students of INF2172 - Readers Advisory - at the University of Toronto, and features subgenres and selected novels for Action/Adventure fiction.  

For each of the selected novels, we have created reading paths to expand the world of the book for readers (Wyatt, 2006).  To view the reading paths, click on each of the subgenre pages in the navigation bar on the left or directly from the links below.  We hope you will enjoy the journey!

Military Adventures (by Kelly Nonnekes) : Reading Path for Matthew Reilly's Ice Station 

Sea Adventures (by Louise Donnelly) : Reading Path for Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series
Survival Adventures (by Lisa Detta Colli) : Reading Path for Joe Simpson's Touching the Void

Wyatt, N. (2006). Reading maps remake RA. Library Journal, 131(18),  38-42.