A small Python program that encrypts or dercypts files using AES encryption standard.

The program is still in early development. It can be used to easily encrypt your files on the go with pretty good security. It works or all systems that support Python. (Windows, Unix, MacOS, ...).


Windows V 0.2 : Click here to download 

Linux V 0.2 : Coming soon. For now, please run the python script from source.


PyCrypt [mode= -e or -d] [filename_in] [filename_out] [password]
    -e : Encrypt a file
    -d : Decrypt a file
    The user will be prompted to provide missing information if any.
    PyCrypt -e
    PyCrypt --encrypt Filename_in Filename_out Password
    PyCrypt --decrypt Filename_in Filename_out Password


This program uses PyCrypto (link here) library to encrypt/decrypt the file. (Pyhton doesn't have yet an official implementation of the AES algorythm). Since the sourceforge doesn't have any downloadable package, I included in the cvs tree the version of the library used in the program.

This program is useful because:

Unlike TrueCrypt (which is otherwise excellent), it can be run without administrator rights, which makes pycript perfect to carry around sensible information on a USB stick or to use in a 3rd party program.


        -Better program interface
        -Ask for password if not specified in the command line
        -Drag & drop support
        -Initial Release

The challenge:

To prove that I think this software can be use safely to prevent others from viewing the content of your file, I propose the 'hack it, get my credit card' challenge. I took a picture of my credit card, encrypted the picture using pycript, and posted the picture on the internet (get the encrypted file here). If you can successfully crack the algorithm, then you are welcome to use my credit card on online websites. I created this challenge to prove my good faith into the encryption system used behind this system (AES).


The source can be checked out using:
svn checkout pycrypt
Or simply goto: