Level 62 – Riddle

Goals: 3 Upgraded Mansions, Lava Levee

Resources: 2000 Wood, 500 Food, 15 Workers(!)

Trick: Demolish the undamaged Mansion to find Treasure!

Tip: You really have to move FAST to get everything done in time to build the Levee. Do many tasks at the same time as soon as you have the resources.

This level can count towards the “Say No to Pirates” Achievement. Don't pay the 5000 Pirate. You don't need to.

This level can ALSO count towards the "Skilled Financier" Achievement, but probably not while earning 3 Stars in Expert mode.

[Added 9-Oct-12, as suggested by a player, this level can also provide an elegant solution for the "Royal Accuracy" achievement. Details on that page.]

[Added 4-Jan-2013: several iPad players are reporting trouble in digging up the treasure behind the mansion you must demolish at the far right side. Playrix is working on a fix and will submit it to iTunes as soon as it's ready. For more information, see this link at Playrix Customer Service.]

3-Star Strategy:
  1. Demolish rightmost Mansion 
  2. Repair and upgrade center Mansion 
  3. Dig Buried Treasure (behind demolished Mansion) of 150,000 Gold
  4. Build and upgrade demolished Mansion while digging Treasure
  5. Pay 10,000 Pirate and get Treasure 
  6. Build Sawmill and produce 6000 Wood 
  7. Send 4 Workers to Forestry 
  8. Build Gardens for Mansions 
  9. Repair Bridge (2000 Wood) 
  10. Build Market and buy (at least) 5000 Food 
  11. Build Dovecote and buy 5 Doves 
  12. Demolish Sawmill and build an (upgraded) Mansion with Garden
  13. Build 2 Statues
  14. Demolish Market and build a Cabin with Garden 
  15. Cheer Leprechaun (800) 
  16. Build Levee

Level 62 - Riddle