Level 45 – Bee Trick

Goals:  3 Mansions (2 more), 300 Happiness

Resources:  20,000 Gold, 1500 Wood, 10 Workers, -100 Happiness

Trick: This level makes you THINK you want to build Hives for the Bees.  You don’t and will never be able to if you want 3 Stars.  Instead, increase Happiness with a Dovecote.

Tip:  Ignore everything above the Castle, including the Obelisk. The extra Cabin with Garden provides +50 Happiness to negate the Wild Bees at the Mansion by the Castle. and the Dovecote provides 200 Happiness (50 x 4 Houses).

3-Star Strategy:
  1. Fix the 2 Obelisks below the Castle.
  2. Build a Sawmill and make 1000 Wood.
  3. Fix the Obelisk next to the Mansion on the left.
  4. Staff the Gold Mine with 4 Workers.
  5. Fix the Obelisks on the right.
  6. Buy 500 Food.
  7. Build Mansion on the lower right.
  8. Buy 500 Food and 500 Wood.
  9. Fix Obelisk on lower left.
  10. Build another Mansion.
  11. Buy another 500 Food and 1000 Food.
  12. Demolish the Cabin and replace with a Dovecote (1000 Wood and 1000 Food).
  13. Demolish the Sawmill and replace it with a Cabin.
  14. Continue buying Food while you:
  15. Add Gardens to 3 Mansions and the Cabin.
  16. Buy 5 Doves

Level 45 – Bee Trick

Finished City: