Level 25 – Fountains

Goals:  5 Fountains (1 more needed)

Building a Fountain costs 250 Wood and 250 Food.

Trick:  There is no way to produce Food with the Farm blocked, so you need to demolish the Fountains and then rebuild them later.

Tip: Ignore the Glutton, he's just there to distract you.

Tip: There should be no need to demolish the Bank to build the final Fountain if you play carefully, but that's another option if you're running out of time.

3-Star Strategy:
  1. Demolishing the existing 4 Fountains to get Wood and Food.  
  2. Chop the fallen Trees you can reach.  
  3. Assign 2 Workers to the Forestry, and have 3rd repair the Bridge. When it's complete, assign 3rd Worker to Forestry
  4. After the 7 trapped Workers are freed:
  5. Open Treasure Chests
  6. Build 3 Chalets (add 2 Gardens) and Upgrade later
  7. As soon as you have 1000 Wood, repair the Bridge leading to the Bank and repair it.
  8. Upgrade Chalets and add Gardens when you can.
  9. Pay the Pirate 5000 Gold and staff the Farm with 3 Workers.
  10. Rebuild the 4 Fountains as you collect enough Food and Wood (250 each).
  11. As soon as you have 20,000 Gold, pay the 2nd Pirate
  12. Build the final Fountain.

Level 25 – Fountains