Challenge Levels

Bonus Challenge Levels appear only in the Collector's Edition of Royal Envoy 2, and can only be played after you have completed all 63 levels of the basic Adventure. Challenge Levels are not available in the Standard Edition of the game.  

The Windows 8 "Special Edition" version of Royal Envoy 2 has additional bonus levels and achievements which are exclusively available only in Windows 8 version of the game. We don't cover those on this site.

You do NOT need to get 3 Stars on all Adventure levels in order to play the Challenge levels.(1)

Available Challenge Levels may be played in any order, unlike in Adventure mode where you must complete earlier levels before gaining access to later ones. However you have to gain stars to unlock them in Groups.

Make certain that you are not playing in Expert mode when you start playing the Challenge levels.(2) See how to switch between modes here.   

There are not any specific Achievements for completing Challenge Levels.(3) 

And we KNOW about the bug in Challenge Level 25. [November 23, 2011 Update: Playrix released a patched version of the game that fixes this bug "and other issues".]