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Comprehensive Strategy Guide for Royal Envoy 2 - Collector's Edition
Finish with 3 Stars on every level (including Expert Mode and Challenges) and earn every Achievement!
New: 2013: Also available for iOS at the iTunes store, but we don't cover that version's quirks. 
The Windows 8 "Special Edition" version of Royal Envoy 2 has additional bonus levels and achievements which are exclusively available only in Windows 8 version of the game. We don't cover those on this site.

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"Great strategy guide! Love the videos! [...] I got all Achievements and finished all Challenges because of your guide. Thanks!"
-- Tammy (via Contact Us Form)

"...[the] guide is awesome! I think it is way better than the first one, mostly because you have put the "trick" at the top, so I don't always have to read the whole thing to get me over being stuck."
-- bevm2997 (in BFG Forum) 

"Great guide, clear and easy to follow. The best I've found online (and you can quote me on that!)"
-- Irene H (via Contact Us)

"WOW! What a great guide!! I looked at several others, but this is the very best on the net...Thanks SO much!"
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"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this site! Without it I would not have got through all the Challenge levels. It is great! Keep up the excellent work."
-- Carolyn in Dunedin, New Zealand (via Contact Us)

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