Lifelong Learning Program
       nand2tetris / googleTalk
      Homebrew CPU
       Robert Murray-Smith
Chenming Hu
      Sitting on The Fence - Milenita
      No parachute
      SiCB (Silicon Circuit Board)
      Principles of Semiconductor Devices
      Begin Again
      Full Duplex WiFi
      The search for perfection
      Josh Blum
      Toshiro Kodera - Electromagnetic Gyrotropes
Ken Shirriff - How to Reverse Engineer ICs
      Food choices
Bob Pease - The Bob Pease Show
      Elizabeth Gilbert - Passion
      The reality of truth
      Search for Supper Battery
      AMG Technologies
      Warren Buffett - How to stay out of debt
      Real Value | Economics documentary
      Overdose: The next financial crisis (documentary)
      Intel: Conflict-Free Minerals
      Commercializing Silicon on Sapphire - Peregrine
        Similiarities of Wave Behavior (Bonus Edition)
        HP Memory Project
        Analog Dialogue

 Open courses
    1. Solid state chemistry
     Battery man
     DJ Delorie
     Matt Godbolt
     Behzad Razavi

        David Pugal - hp-FEM
        Electric field temperature optical probes
High-frequency Electromagnetics
        Symmetry, Topology & Electronic Phases of Matter
        Small Antennas
        Reflections on Maxwell's Treatise
        Open Science Hub
        Numerical Electromagnetic Code
        WiFi frames
        Eb/N0 explained
        Software Defined Networks (SDN)
        Rad-hard VLSI
        Renewable Energy
        Newton's Prism Experiment
        Physics of Nanoscale MOSFETs

 Open source
        High power open source DC motor controller
        cozy - personal cloud
        Xyce: An Open Source SPICE Engine
        Choose not to fall
        Chase Armitage
        Forget Your Past - Buzludza
        Positive Mood

The nearest star is 4.25 light-years from Earth which is why most wishes take at least 9 years to come true.