The rdrobust package provides Stata and R implementations of statistical inference and graphical procedures for Regression Discontinuity designs employing local polynomial and partitioning methods. It provides point estimators, confidence intervals estimators, bandwidth selectors, automatic RD plots and other related features. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation through grant SES-1357561 and SES-1459931.

This package was first released in 2014, and had a major upgrade in 2016. New features available in the 2016 upgraded version include: (i) major speed improvements, (ii) covariate-adjusted bandwidth selection, point estimation and robust inference, (iii) cluster-robust bandwidth selection, point estimation and robust inference, (iv) weighted global polynomial fits and pointwise confidence bands for RD plots, and (v) several new bandwidths selectors (e.g., different bandwidths for control and treatment groups, coverage error optimal bandwidths, and optimal bandwidth for fuzzy designs).

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Implementation in Stata:
  • To install/update in Stata type:
net install rdrobust, from( replace
Implementation in R:
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Last update: September 25, 2018.