Welcome To My Portfolio Page

To know me is to know my love for teaching!  There have been many people to influence me in my quest for education, and I believe it is my duty to pay it forward.  As an educator, it is my duty to nuture, counsel, inspire, and challenge the youth of today in a manner that is both innovative and culturally responsible.  It is my hope that this journey of knowledge and experience never ends, so that I may continue to touch the lives of others!


      My Current "Layover" in this Educational Journey

I am currently a first-year doctoral student at the University of Georgia with a focus in Learning, Design and Technology.  Many people ask for clarification regarding the title of my program, and I can only say that it is the only program whose description truly encompasses my passion for education. It is my goal to impact the learning of students through prescriptive instructional design that integrates the use of educational technology. In particular, I would like to impact the learning of educators who will be responsible for bridging the gap between the deficits of former adult felons who have earned their General Equivalency Diploma while incarcerated and are aspiring to obtain a post-secondary degree once released. Prison education is a division of adult education rarely discussed, however, it is a very real and necessary piece of the societal transformation puzzle.  Education impacts rehabilitation in many ways – both positive and negative. A lack of education affects the psyche of post-offenders and their self-efficacy regarding their ability to contribute positively to society. Offenders that acknowledge the value of education and perceive access to it, shift their belief systems to be inline with a successful transition. It is my goal to design instruction for use in both the physical and virtual post-secondary environments that will nurture this change and support the positive attributes present in former offenders.